Kim Kardashian’s App Is Getting Its Own Reality Show

Hey beauty bloggers, Kim Kardashian wants to give YOU (yes, you) the chance of a lifetime: she wants to help you live out your lifelong dream of crying on national television.

Casting is currently in session for a new reality TV show Kim’s executive-producing, and she’s looking for “the most trendsetting Beauty Bloggers” to appear on it.

The casting call promises the show will be a “cutting-edge competition reality series” which will feature a highly dramatic and quotable fight do the death for the koveted role as beauty-director for Kim, Kourtney AND Khloe’s lifestyle apps.

That’s right. You’ll get not one, not two, but three jobs, which in this freelancing economy sounds just about right.

Although the show doesn’t have a name yet, thanks to its casting call we know that it will be on “a major cable television network,” which may or may not be E!.

Spoiler alert: it’s probably E!.

Can we just take a minute and pat Kimberly on the back for this genius move, BTW? Beauty bloggers are the perfect contestants for a reality show because they bring millions of followers who will tune into the show each week. Plus they’re probably insane from sitting in front of their computers all day so the drama will be FIRE. Plus they’re pretty and aspirational.


If you think this sounds like you send an e-mail to and cross your fingers that Kim Kardashian pays it forward and makes you famous.

Or at least famous enough so people will make memes of your ugly crying face when they’re home alone on a Wednesday night wishing they hadn’t eaten that last packet of Thin Mints while watching Gossip Girl DVDs.

[H/T Vanity Fair]

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