Step Up Your Fall Fashion Game With Matea Designs

Some of our favorite new brands have been coming from down under lately, and Matea Designs is no exception.

Matea Designs, named after its founder, was established in Australia only three years ago. But their designs have already gained a surge of popularity on Instagram. Blame it on the flattering silhouettes and sultry looks.

We talked to Matea about launching her own online brand, fashion in Australia, and Selena Gomez. Here’s what she had to say.

What inspired you to launch your own fashion brand?

I find creative expression through fashion and when the opportunity to launch an online store came up, I went for it!

What previous experience did you have in the industry?

I’ve had management experience within the retail scope of fashion.

How has social media helped you in creating your own brand?

Social media plays an integral role in assisting brands to promote themselves. It’s such a powerful tool because it’s so instant. The consumer can interact with the brand instantaneously.


So many new fashion brands for young women are coming out of Australia, why do you think that is?

I think we have some great creative talent, but I also think that as we are so far from the rest of the world geographically, we don’t often have the physical access to a lot of international fashion. Hence why we create for the market here!

How is fashion in Australia different from fashion in the USA or in Europe?

I have found the fashion in Europe to be more classic as opposed to the fashion in the USA, which is a lot more like Australian fashion, especially in California.

If you could dress any pop star who would it be?

Selena Gomez, I really like her personality. I think she’s super sweet and has a beautiful little figure which would look gorgeous in Matea Designs

How does Matea Designs distinguish itself from other brands?

I really try and incorporate a voice through Matea Designs, a voice that’s empowering for women.

Matea’s logo is a butterfly, why did you choose this logo?

I love butterflies. For me they represent growth and transformation.

What advice would you give for someone who’s looking to launch their own brand?

To really identify what they will represent, their brand identity. What is the brand DNA? From there it will be a lot easier to build everything around that.

What’s the most difficult part about working for yourself?

The most difficult part would be at times the inconsistency, however that all comes with the gig I guess. Just have to push past those points and keep going.

How would you describe your personal style?

My personal style is quite classic. Must haves for my wardrobe are a leather jacket and a black pencil skirt!

Who’s your celeb crush?

Alessandra Ambrosio, she’s such a great example of a mother and a business woman.

Do you hope to eventually have brick and mortar Matea Designs stores? Why or why not?

In terms of costs and overheads, online is a more viable option. I think in terms of customer reach as well, you’re accessible to the whole world!

Can you give us a hint about Matea Designs’ next collection? What was the inspiration behind it?

Monaco was the inspiration behind the new collection. A hint: Texture, patterns and lace!

P.S. Matea Designs is offering free worldwide shipping until the end of the month, so if you’re trying to score a cute look without paying extra for international shipping, hop on that ASAP.

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