SSHH is making music about the sh*t that keeps you up at night

Her nickname AND the name of her band may be the universal sound for shut-the-hell-up, but this is the music you’re gonna wanna turn up.

SSHH Liguz is the lead singer of the band with her same name. SSHH is a collaboration between SSHH herself and Zak Starkey, an extremely badass musician and son of Ringo Starr.

Together, they are making passionate, aggressive and emotionally charged rock music and hanging out in Vegas. You can catch them rocking at the Sand Dollar Lounge after The Who’s shows at the colosseum (Zak is their drummer)! Their last show is August 11th.

Be on the lookout for their newest single, Jet Engines, which comes out later this month. And check out our interview with SSHH below.

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Was there an a-ha moment that sparked your collaboration with Zak?

There were a few! Music has always been a big deal to us, so it wasn’t that surprising to us when we started making music together

Are there any artists that have inspiration both your personal style and music style?

I’m a bit of a magpie of styles. I like shiny things! Ha. Metaphorically and literally.

With both music and style. I mean they’ve been pretty integral to each other I think.

Jim Morrison with his primal howl and tight leather trousers. Karen O with her cool AF haircut, wild style and electrifying vocals. Debbie Harry with her shock of white blonde hair, like the shock of this “sex kitten” taking on the guys at their own game, and fucking killing it.

I’m inspired by so many people and things it would take forever to list them all. Men, Woman. Rock stars, kids on the street.

Animal Planet. Cowboys. Indians. Ninjas.

What’s the weirdest feedback you’ve ever received about your music?

Pam Hogg (punk rock designer) came to one of our shows a while back. We were pretty raucous back then. Anyway after the show she said that she thought that if I wasn’t performing or singing I’d be an ax murderer!!

She was joking (obviously) but it was a pretty wild analogy. We thought it was funny!

If someone asked you to make them a mixtape, which artist would be the number one track?

Prince or Marc Bolan

What themes of rock and roll do you find most present in your music? Expression, rebellion, aggression?

All of that good stuff. It’s passion. It’s what good music is made from. Those emotions that keep you awake at night. The anger, the fear, the hope and the love. The ability to keep fighting for what you believe in. It’s not just one theme, it’s about taking all of those things & making them your own.

Two genres of music you personally believe should be combined more often?

Greatness & Awesome!

What is your ideal post-show atmosphere?

I’m always buzzing after doing a show. You’ve got the adrenaline pumping through your body, serotonin flooding your brain. You want to be around people who are having a good time. Laughing, dancing, having fun. And then you hit the wall & just wanna climb into bed, ha!

What’s the craziest thing about a Vegas residency? Anything you weren’t expecting?

It’s Vegas. Everything is crazy!!

What song from The Who are you most likely to have stuck in your head?

Sparks. I love that shit. The music is so full of  energy & danger. It really excites me.

Are there any music artists you love solely because you listened to them as a kid, but hearing them today would be a different story?

Not that I can think of. Maybe The Wiggles.

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