Nasty Gal’s Founder Just Shaded the New Owners

Nasty Gal has undergone some major changes lately.

Since the company’s assets were bought out last month, their loyal customers have not been happy with the new clothing selection or the customer service, and Sophia Amoruso isn’t too happy either.

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In fact, she took to Twitter early this morning to voice her displeasure with the way the new owners of Nasty Gal are handling orders.

Just by reading those tweets in the screenshot, you can feel the customer’s pain. But at the same time, was this shade really necessary? After all, Sophia left the company long before they went bankrupt and chose instead to focus on newer projects.

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If we can learn anything from this, it’s that the world of ecomm is a shady place, and that you should maybe think twice about shading the people who saved your old company from shutting down completely.

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