Mexican singer and songwriter Sofia Reyes has released her newest song and music video to one of the hottest songs of summer 2024 – El 100. If you love Sofia as much as we do and wonder the process behind her music, keep reading to learn all about her new song and what she has coming for the rest of 2024!
Tell us about your new single 
El 100” is a song that was born in the studio among very talented creators. Everyone from different parts of the world and you can hear it in the song. Energy was great and without even realizing we had pretty much finished the song that same day. Danny and I cut final vocals just like that, maybe 3 takes max. It’s a song that talks about feeling a bit heart broken but still starting to have feelings for someone new. For me it’s a reminder that the heart can be open to love even when the mind is still stuck in the past and grieving.
 What propelled the new look and sound 
Honestly just being real with myself right now, exploring and playing around. Looking forward to step out of the comfort zone. The new look just feels authentic to me, its maximal, boho, playful, risky, still earthy roots.
 What can we expect in this new era 
Freshness, authenticity and spice. What lyric from the new single hits closest to home – “ella amó y no la amaron de vuelta.” Been dwelling with a break up recently and I have so much to say.
What is your writing process 
 It depends. I love writing by myself when I feel inspired. I get inspired in random places, so I try to jump into it when it comes. I love working with people too, learning to co-create without egos it’s very interesting and important in order to stay in a flow, always remembering that we’re here for the music. What more can the song be asking for?
How is your creativity disrupting the world of Latin music 
By being real and myself. For me it’s always been important to connect to the music I put out, be genuine, go by my own rules, risky, playful… I care so much about details and quality. And I believe in the power of words and the power of music, for me it’s important to use this beautiful tool to create life, healing, connection, love.
Editor in Chief: Prince Chenoa (@princechenoastudio)
Feature Editor: Taylor Winter Wilson (@taylorwinter)

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