Swimsuit model Sofia Resing just designed her own swim line that makes your butt look fire

You may already be familiar with Brazilian swimsuit-model-turned-designer, Sofia Resing.

She’s amassed a huge platform over the past few years, including, but not limited to, her whopping 236k Instagram following. She initially came to America to make money to pay for her University, but found a life for herself instead.

Now, she’s living out her dream job as a model, and has just recently ventured out into the world of design. And the best part? She’s designing what she knows best – swimsuits.

The new line, Mery Playa by Sofia Resing, features 5 distinct styles that each come in multiple colors to fit your taste. The suits also have elastic stretch to make your booty look good, as well as a pink lining in each of the swimsuits as a nod to female empowerment.

The thing is, Resing has a perspective that others don’t when it comes to swim design. Her background in modeling gives her an edge in that she knows exactly which cuts, styles, and colors are the most appealing.

Above all, Resing is seeking to create a swimsuit line that is fun, flirty, flattering (sorry, couldn’t resist that triple alliteration) and that will help empower all types of women and make them feel comfortable this bikini season.

We talked with Sofia about the new line, hacks to feeling confident in swim and her plans for the future: check out the exclusive interview and accompanying pics below! (Also, fun lil’ feature: click each image to shop the swimsuit pictured).

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How did you transition from modeling to designing?

Throughout my modeling career I have worked with several swimsuit brands, though I’ve always had ideas of how I would like certain things to be different and how I would do them my way. Mery Racauchi approached me with the idea of creating a swimsuit line together and as I always had it in my mind, the opportunity was there and I decided to make it happen.

Also, I always loved the fact that the Mery shoe collection had pink soles, so I was like, why not an entire swimsuit line with pink lining?! I am still modeling, though, and it’s been really fulfilling to be operating on both sides of the industry now.

What are the top things you look for in a swimsuit?

Body shape, style, and comfort!

How do you feel modeling has helped your ability to design quality swim for women?

I feel like shooting with so many different brands, getting to know them and fit them on my body made me understand a lot what works behind the scenes and what doesn’t.

What sets your swim apart from others? 

Our suits are mostly all adjustable for better body shaping, including many of our bottoms. They have an elastic in the back to shape buttocks nicely.

We also make use of a lot of pastel colors, which gives a fresh and fun touch, making our suits look so delicious you may want to eat them! All of our suits also come with baby pink lining.

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What’s your favorite design from your new collection?

I love all the pieces, but my favorite is The Pegasus, which was the first piece I sketched! It’s so unique and colorful, I just love it!

What inspired the collection, design-wise? 

We have a 90’s vibe with the high cuts but also a twist in the 80’s pastel colors!

What’s your favorite swimsuit cut?

To spend an entire day at the beach under the sun or in the ocean, I would always pick The Playa or The Sofia bikini, as both have the smallest cut. I can tan all day and won’t get huge, non-flattering tan lines after. But, if I am chilling on a boat, by the pool, or under an umbrella, I would keep it more fashionable with The Mery Monokini or The Mermaid.

What are your tips for feeling confident in swim?

Our main reason of using the pink lining is that we support female empowerment. As the lining has always been something that should never be seen, now, yes, it’s ok to see it – it’s feminine and it’s pink!

Unlike the lining, women should never be suppressed in any aspect and that is our signature and message to our costumers. From women to women, we are never alone!

Click HERE to shop Sofia’s new line.

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