El Capitan Canyon is a magical ‘getaway’ vacation right here in California

El Capitan Canyon, located 20 miles north of Santa Barbara, is the glamping retreat you will want to take this summer. 

A nature resort nestled on the seaside and surrounded by 300 acres of land, it’s the obvious choice for anyone who is dying to unplug, or reconnect with fabulous Mother Earth.

The resort describes it as “comfort without over-indulgence,” which sounds really appealing – especially when I feel like most resorts are over-done and excessive.

For a nature resort, especially, anything too glam might seem a little delusional. El Capitan Canyon, however, is famous throughout California for allowing guests to be one with nature while not having to sacrifice cleanliness or comfort.

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If you’re looking for the perfect escape without having to travel very far, head to El Capitan Canyon for an amazing stay. We can’t recommend this celeb-faved spot enough.

We sat down with Kendra Summers from El Capitan Canyon to discuss the resort’s accommodations, girls trips, the animals on-site, and more. Check it out below!

What is the meaning of ‘glamping’ at El Capitan Canyon? What are the accommodation options? 

The term ‘glamping’ can be interpreted in so many ways – from luxury accommodations to high quality chocolate in your s’mores, it is what you choose to make it. When we first introduced the cabins and safari tents on our grounds in 2001, we used the term ‘nature lodging,’ which is exactly what we offer.

We give guests comfortable lodging immersed in nature. While most people enjoy and value their time in natural surroundings, the idea of sleeping in a sleeping bag on the ground miles from a hot shower does not appeal to all. We wanted to provide an alternative option. Our accommodations range from our more rustic safari tents to the fun new adventure yurts and most commonly booked, our cedar cabins.

The cedar cabins include your own kitchenette with a coffee maker, refrigerator, and private restroom – some with luxurious soaking bathtubs.

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5 things that will make any girls trip at ECC complete:

1. Good food – try one of our Signature BBQ Kits.

2. Good wine.

3. Campfire – our staff will help light your fire if you need.

4. Massages at our Creekside spa.

5. Your girls!

What is the best sandwich at the Canyon Market or the best meal that any campgoer should try during their stay?

The tri-tip BBQ Kits are the most popular “do it yourself’ meal at the Canyon Market. Our signature Canyon BBQ Kits include your prepared, but uncooked, full meal with all the grill tools and fixins’ for a delicious BBQ meal. We deliver your kit with a bundle of firewood to cook over your own open grill. This also includes a s’mores kit with instructions for the perfect s’more.

If you’d rather have someone prepare your meal for you, the Canyon Market has breakfast, lunch, and dinner options everyday, including a great breakfast burrito and full espresso bar.

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Tell us more about the animals and fur friends you get to interact with! I heard you can walk with llamas.

The Canyon is a natural nature corridor and water source for the local wildlife which includes deer, raccoons, bobcat, quail, red-headed woodpeckers, and skunks. On our grounds, we are also home to a llama heard as well as goats, heritage sheep, and one little miniature donkey, who helps to look after the baby goats.

We obviously love a good wine. What wine do you have on site that will complete any girl’s night in the canyon?

We have an excellent local wine selection available in the Canyon Market. As we are only a short 25 minutes south of the famed Santa Ynez Wine country (sideways with Sandra Oh), we are quite spoiled with the variety of high-end Pinot Noirs.

ECC is perfect for us girls who want to curate the perfect fomo weekend without spending too much and without leaving the state. What spots do you recommend on site for the perfect selfie moments?

Cabin, tent, or yurt selfies are what I see the most often. Campfire selfies, hiking selfies, sycamore or oak tree selfies, are also really great. The ultimate El Capitan Canyon selfie would be with a llama or goat and the ocean view behind you.

All photos courtesy of El Capitan Canyon

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