These sisters run a fashion blog together but have totally different style

Sophie and Charlotte, a pair of sisters from New York City, run a fashion blog together called “Yin 2my Yang.” 

The duo have totally different fashion senses, but still manage to mesh together organically when it comes to styling. That’s why, they told Galore, they love working together rather than apart.

Their dad may have been involved in fashion for the past 24+ years, but that’s not the only reason they love what they do. It’s a way for them to express themselves, have fun together, and be unique from one another. We sat down with these sisters to discuss their blog name, their favorite brands, and more.

Check out the interview and photoshoot below!


Why the name “Yin 2my Yang?”

As sisters, we are in sync with each other, but also are very different in personality – in lifestyle and in fashion. Yin and Yang, from Chinese philosophy, help balance the world’s universe. When working together, Yin and Yang sustain life and have the ability to influence everything.

The name for this blog was carefully chosen, as we are sisters whose styles complement each other at the same time as being very unique from one another.

You both have very different bodies and different approaches to fashion/styling. How do you think it benefits you guys to work together because of this?

We have different bodies and different approaches to fashion, but these differences are what make us special and stand out. We just compliment one another and no matter what we are wearing, somehow the mix works.

We feel our unique styles help us work well together because we know we look different (sometimes people are surprised to hear we are sisters and sometimes they ask if we are twins). We are confident that we can resonate with a wide audience due to our individual styles.

We often will do a “twinning” image where we wear an item of clothing that is the exact same, but we individually style the outfit around the twinning concept. The result is always aesthetically pleasing and without planning.

Which of you is girlier?

We both can have our girly moments where we like to wear feminine clothes and pretty accessories and feel all glammed up! However, Sophie describes her style as eccentric, contemporary, and spontaneous and I (Charlotte) describe my style as posh, feminine, and current. Yet not one of our styles really stands out as girly.

What is each of your dream outfits?

Sophie: I love to dress up for evening! I once wore a Philippe Plein evening gown that was so striking. It had become my dream outfit to recreate this look. I did a simple top bun which was all I needed to complete the outfit.

Charlotte: My dream look would be to recreate my 23rd birthday look. I wore a chainmail inspired dress that was so form fitting and sheer that it left little for the imagination. The back was completely open and overall the look was fun and so different. The long hair extension I added made the look almost like a James Bond recreation.

What do you guys wear while traveling?

When traveling, we like to be comfy, yet stylish! We usually wear some sort of sweat pant and a cool sweatshirt and sneakers. Wearing something that doesn’t wrinkle or isn’t binding is the best way to enjoy the ride and arrive in style. A comfortable choice allows us to be sure that we look good but can also relax on our journey.

What sets you guys apart from other bloggers?

In an ever-growing world of fashion bloggers and influencers, we have the goal to bring something new and different to the table, playing off each other to share fashion trends. We were keenly aware that the blogging world was inundated with single bloggers, and realized that as sisters, we would be able to reach an audience that had not yet been saturated.

Since a young age, we have been influenced by fashion because of our father. He has held an executive position in the fashion world for over 24 years. In addition, we have grown up in the media age and are aware of the power of social media and its ability to share ideas and trends. We feel we have a unique twist on representing fashion because our posts play off each other’s fashion differences and individual tastes.

In general the “real” aspect of our blog is also unique from other bloggers. People can identify with us and there is a comforting factor to our blog that we are just like everyone else.

Talk to us about your campaigns with Lee Jeans and Keds. How did they come about and who do you hope to collab with next?

Both the Lee Jeans and the Keds campaigns came about organically. They each reached out to us to see if we would be interested in collaborating, and of course we said yes. The Lee Jean collab was amazing. The end result was completely spontaneous and organic, we are very proud of it.

One of our strengths is being able to be very natural and calm in front of a camera and our unique relationship came through in the video footage. The Keds collab was equally amazing! It brought us to Coachella, which was a first for us. We went to the most glamorous party, The Zoe Report X Keds!

At this event, we rocked our adorable Keds and styled them with feminine dresses. Right now, we are doing a collab with Bumble and have an exciting summer full of events to look forward to.

What makes you gravitate to certain brands more than others?

We love working with brands that we would wear. However, we are open to a wide range of brands. Since we see ourselves as relatively young in this industry we are very receptive and open to many brands.

Recently, we have discussed how we may want to streamline our choices of brands we collab with. But, overall we have an open mind and are always excited when new brands approach us!

Is it hard working with your sister?

Working with your sister has its challenges, not going to lie. As any sister does, we can get annoyed with each other and disagree on things. Since we are family these disagreements sometimes are emotional and can lead into a full fledge fight.

However, we work hard at being as professional as possible and try to encourage a respectful work environment. Not taking everything personally. Trying  to utilize our different strengths when working on our blog. Communication is one of the keys to getting along and when the line of communication is broken for whatever reason that often leads to disagreements.

Working together is a work in progress, but we are really lucky because for the most part we really get along!

On the other hand, is it awesome?

Yesssss, it is awesome working together! We feel truly blessed to be able to work as a team and more often than not we have so much fun together. We are able to set our own schedules, which is such a luxury.

Also, we go to events together, and can only imagine how lonely events can be if you always had to attend alone. We love to roar with laughter and find humor in everything we do. Overall, working as sisters is really great and such a unique opportunity that we wouldn’t want it any other way!

Favorite high-end designers right now?

Although we are suckers for a lot of high-end designers out there right now, we have 3 favorites that come to mind for specific reasons. Fendi – their bags continue to stay relevant by constantly updating their styles to be timeless and elegant, yet current and trendy.

YSL is awesome on so many levels. A lot of their collection pieces perfectly represent the day to night look where you could dress down with sneakers or dress up with a great pair of heels.

Then, we think Alexander Wang is so on point right now for a variety of reasons. Wang has the unique ability to cover every style such as edgy, chic, feminine, grunge, and so on.

Favorite new brands on the block?

New brands on our radar are Gabriella Hearst and Staud. Gabriella Hearst has a fantastic new bag collection. We love the structured shape of the bags that she makes in petite sizes, on very unique leathers and embossed fabrics.

Staud also has really fun bags. If you haven’t seen these bags they are a must! They are structured to look like a beach bag but have beautiful leather colors on the inside and on the unique square handles which make them so gorgeous visually that there a must have. It’s almost like having a bag within a bag.

What about fashion is so important to you guys?

Fashion is an art form for us. We dress ourselves to reveal who we are. We dress for success and this in turn portrays confidence, which is one reason so many people have loved our style. We both love to buy new things and wear them to special events or even just out and about.

We both take the time to look our best no matter where we are going or what we wear. It just who we are, and this approach to fashion is enhanced now that we are bloggers!

Chanel or D&G?

LOVE both! Chanel is a little more traditional and timeless with elegant styles and exquisite fabrics. D&G is a little more daring and spontaneous with incredible styles and bold colors! We could easily rock either one and make them look great!

Best place in the world for fashion?

Hands down, New York City. NYC is the epitome of fashion and we love the way anything goes here. We love being in an amazing city where fashion speaks volumes and is appreciated.

It goes without saying that New York City has deeply influenced our love of fashion. We are heavily inspired by the art and culture of New York as well as the stylish people that are within the city. It’s the perfect location for us to share our love of fashion!

Photos by Bianca Gerasia

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