Sex, Beauty and Food Scheduled For This Week On Our Snapchat: June 7-12, 2016

In case you didn’t get the memo last Fashion Week, Galore’s Snapchat is lit. We have giveaways, tips, tutorials, and party coverage you won’t see anywhere else.

This week, we have a pretty packed schedule of great content for you little babes, so either screenshot the code above or add our username, galoremag, on Snap.

Here’s what’s coming:

On Tuesday, June 7, we’ll be interviewing Eileen Kelly, a.k.a. @killerandasweetthang, about #pussypower, and what makes her cute self tick.

Then, on Wednesday, June 8, we’re giving away some sweet, sweet Stowaway makeup and doing a live product tutorial.

Thursday, June 9, if you’re in NYC, wear something cute because we’ll be scouting the best street style in Manhattan and interviewing the most stylish hotties we can find.

Make sure you’re not eschewing carbs on Friday, June 10, because we’re featuring some mouthwatering rainbow bagels on Bitchin’ Kitchen that will either make you want to drop acid or binge on bread.

I mean:

Come on.

On Saturday, June 11, we’re bleaching the eyebrows of one brave soul, and finding out once and for all if this editorial lewk works IRL.

And finally, on Sunday, June 12, we’re thrift shopping to put together a totally summer ’16 look for under $40 because not everyone can drop $600 on their stripper heels.

And that’s not even everything, you guys. Keep watching this space, but more importantly, watching our Snapchat, to see what we’re up to all week.

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