Single Review: Grace & Moji share ‘Sad Times’ – an exquisite, upbeat take on feeling low

Indie-pop disruptors Grace & Moji are on a roll when it comes to releasing mind-bendingly good tracks, all of which are inspired by their unique love story. ‘Sad Times’ is a joyous, flawlessly constructed song that takes an honest look at mental health. 

Married indie-pop duo Grace & Moji have shared their latest single, ‘Sad Times.’ The song is quite possibly their best release to date, as well as bearing all the trademarks of a chart-topping hit.


Grace & Moji have reached a massive audience in the last few months, mainly due to their potent songs, which deal honestly with their contrasting personal backgrounds – and the ups and downs of their whirlwind marriage.  

Grace, a child of Korean immigrants, found her way into music after being raised in what she refers to as a “toxic home environment” with a volatile Mom with mental health issues in New York. A naturally passionate artist, she spent her younger years becoming a trained vocalist and classical pianist. Her dedication meant that, even as an adult and even after a stint working in the corporate world, she kept a strong interest in the world of music, even going on to release her debut single ‘Wake Up’ in 2021 under the moniker Nolo Grace, as well as serving on the Board of Directors for non-profit organisation Save The Music. 

Moji, also a promising musician, hails from the remote forests of Sweden. From there – buoyed by his success as an award-winning producer, composer, and multi-instrumentalist – Moji’s life journey became Transatlantic, and he found himself based in LA in 2018. In the last few years, Moji has built up a reputation in the music industry by working with some of the biggest names, helping to deliver hundreds of millions of streams for emerging and big-name artists. 

Grace & Moji’s music is unique because their songs are raw, passionate, and occasionally playful responses to the fact that the couple married quickly. They were immediately hurtled into all the difficulties that quickly married couples face when it comes to understanding one another – and their music reflects the journey that they’re undertaking. 

Previous singles like ‘Our Love’ and ‘Tipping Point’ captured this beautifully. Meanwhile, ‘Sad Times’ takes a broader look at how people respond to feeling down – and the revelations that help them turn their lives around.  

There’s so much to love about this track. The catchy melodies and hooks are one thing, but what makes this song brilliant is how each musical layer aligns so perfectly to create an undeniable pop hit. The sumptuous piano riff, the drum and vocal loops, the epic, anthemic bridge, and Moji’s earnest vocals offer a counterweight to Grace’s gorgeous singing/rapping. 

Delightful stuff. 

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