Single Review: Exetera exorcises his demons on new single ‘Whisper’

Music artist and poet Exetera uses potent rap verses to try to escape from his head on his new track ‘Whisper.’

Las Vegas artist, author, designer, and musician, Exetera, has shared his newest track, ‘Whisper’. The song comes from Exetera’s upcoming new album, Connected Disconnection, marking his third LP. The artist’s latest album is being hailed as a significant leap forward following a tumultuous few years for Exetera. After the release of his last album, Behind Closed Doors, in 2015, Exetera admits that he found himself lacking motivation and creative direction due to the challenges of life, love, and relationships – as well as the impossible demands of a career in the arts.

As he terms it – he needed things to fall apart to rebuild them differently.

Exetera’s boundless creativity saw him move in directions beyond just music. He reignited his passion for writing in recent years through his first published poetry book, Destination Nowhere. The book was a publishing success and can be found at selected bookstores throughout the States and on Amazon. But even while he poured words onto the page, he continued to make heartfelt verses – to record them as new music. Writer’s block wasn’t the issue, but Exetera felt hesitant about sharing his unique, incredibly raw words with the public after a long creative hiatus.

Thankfully for his fans, he returned to the recording booth and started constructing the album that eventually became Connected Disconnection. The album itself is a versatile affair, which showcases the artist’s growth as a musician and his maturity as a lyricist. Musically, Exetera draws from a deep and broad well of influences, ranging from Jimi Hendrix to Killswitch Engage, encompassing many of his favorite rap and alt-rock artists. His skill comes from pulling all these diverse influences together and mixing them into a sound that feels genre-defying. 

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‘Whisper’ is an excellent example of how Exetera’s sound feels unlike anything you’ve heard before. It has the kind of atmospheric production of ‘00s nu-metal/post-grunge music, with a beautifully dramatic guitar riff underpinning the instrumentals. Lyrically, Exetera plays over the failings of a relationship, addressing the real and imagined ‘whispers’ that occupy his mind. In the song’s chorus, he pines after a recent loss, singing: “So I’m left stuck inside my head/Thinking about everything we said/I can’t find you, you’re not around/And I can’t hear you, no not a sound.” There’s plenty of meat to be found in these lyrics, with Exetera showcasing his poetic ability to deliver brilliant similes and metaphors: You need to breathe? I give you room/What happens to flowers if they never bloom?” is just one example.

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Like artists like Mac Miller, Exetera gets his power from not being the most polished lyricist you’ll hear. His voice is raw and unfiltered – just like his lyrics. That’s what makes them great.

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