Singer Sigrid Reminds Rude Ass Men Not to Kill Her Vibe

If you’ve not worked in a professional corporate environment, you may not have been subjected to the “glass ceiling” that other women have been experiencing before us. As females, it’s sometimes hard to be heard — especially amongst a room full of dudes — but that doesn’t mean you should stop trying.

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Norwegian pop singer Sigrid knows what it’s like to not have your voice heard. In her songwriting session for her first EP, she was put into a difficult writing session with some older men who she says made her feel like was “in the way.” Which is like, so rude.

Luckily, that didn’t put Sigrid off — she later marched her talented self back into the studio and used the bad experience to write her debut single, aptly called “Don’t Kill My Vibe.”

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The song has the vocal vibes of a young Adele, but carries the lyrical sophistication of a young lady who simply knows what she wants. The song can definitely serve as an anthem for keepin’ the haters at bay, when she sings, “Don’t Kill My Vibe/Don’t Kill My Stride,” it’ll make you wanna say #same.

Check the video out below, or maybe blast it for when you wanna remind people of your “Good Vibes Only” rule, and then give Sigrid a follow on the socials.


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Photo by Francesca Allen 

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