Singer Kashish’s Lyrical Guide To Being Stronger Together

Singer/songwriter Kashish has performed her latest single, “Stronger Together,” at over eight different rallies focusing on many different topics, all the way from Women’s Rights to the No Ban No Wall movement.

Her new single, “Stronger Together,” is an anthem that can be applied to any of our disappointing thoughts about the drastic changes coming from the White House within the last few months. The socially conscious R&B/ pop singer decided to turn her focus to spreading positivity and unity, and encouraging others to remember we are strong when we fight together after being devastated by the result of the last election.

Kashish’s video for the song encapsulates the many feelings brought up in the song, through dance movement.

“Originally we wanted to have the dancer’s blankly looking at old television sets, while one dancer would be pulling the other’s out of their TV haze,” Kashish told Galore. “Since we weren’t able to get the old television sets, we decided to use the columns in the space where the dancer’s would hang off of looking desperate and confused. This was meant to symbolize the initial shock after the election.”

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Kashish knows that she isn’t alone and wants to spread the word to make sure our voices, including anyone affected by the changed policies — not just women, are heard.

Check out Kashish’s lyrical guide and video below, and make sure to purchase a copy of the song because all proceeds for the download of “Stronger Together” are going to the American Civil Liberties Union.

“I wasn’t ready for the Madness, I wasn’t ready for these Fears” — I think a lot of Americans share this sentiment, what words can you share that would inspire others to not be afraid?

Just because you are taken [by] surprised by an outcome, doesn’t mean the world is ending. There are thousands willing to stand up and stick up for you even when you can’t do it for yourself. We are with you.

“I thought I trusted these people to stick up for me” — Would you say this lyric represents how you feel about the political climate in general? Would you agree that others feel like their trust has been betrayed in a system we thought would protect us?

Yes, I think this lyric not only represents how I feel about our government, but how a lot of Americans feel. The fact that this administration is trying to ban a whole group of people based on their religion and ethnic origin, take away access to basic healthcare, and diminish the rights of women does not make me feel protected even as a citizen of the United States. Although my trust has been compromised by this administration, my faith in Americans has not been rattled. I believe we can make a difference.

“Feeling like my voice was silenced… when did the world stop listening?” — What would you suggest others can do to make sure they don’t feel silenced? It seems you wrote the song as your outlet to NOT feel silenced, would you say that’s true?

I wrote this lyric because I felt like no one was actually listening to each other and I could barely understand my own thoughts. I feel like in order to combat hateful rhetoric we must understand where it is coming from. Antagonizing a group of people is what got us in this position in the first place. People usually don’t listen when they are being yelled at even if it is over the internet. Instead of limiting ourselves to just using social media commentary as a form of expression, let’s put more energy into taking action for our future. There are so many simple ways that one can do that, whether it be a phone call to a Senator, going to a rally, or making political art; all of these things have an impact.

“We gotta grow….we gotta show….we are stronger together” — What inspired you to write “Stronger Together”?

I was inspired to write this song to make people understand that we are not alone in this fight and that we have to start fighting for each other. I sang “Stronger Together,” at 8 different rallies this past month and although they each focused on one specific topic they never failed to address the other movements that were taking place. That is what being stronger together is all about: people sticking up for not only themselves, but for others who are suffering as well. When people are under attack what do we do? Stand up and fight back.

What do you hope listeners/viewers will take away from the song?

The day after the election I was truly devastated and I made the mistake of going on social media. I saw a lot of finger pointing, anger, and bullying. It was infuriating, and as much as I would have liked to have cursed and screamed, I knew I couldn’t. Anger should not be the first place we go to when we are upset. Bullying on the internet is not a coping mechanism. I hope people can listen to this song and watch the video to realize that antagonizing one another won’t fix our issues. We need to concentrate on the cards that have been dealt, and keep moving forward in order to improve our future.

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