“Shrobing” Is Yet Another Uncomfy Trend For Spring

Have you noticed that all your favorite fashionistas have been doing this thing where they wear their jacket falling down their shoulders as part of their look?

“Shrobing” (aka shoulder robing) is the fairly new term coined by…well, we’re not quite sure, but either way it’s ridiculous.

First off, this is nothing new. People have been wearing jackets and everything else off their shoulders for years, but like everything in fashion — it all comes back at some point in time. Second of all, why can’t we just call it what it is? Shrugging your coat/jacket off your shoulders, basically the “off-shoulder trend.” I personally call it “I’m hot, but I don’t feel like holding my jacket. So, I’m going to let my shoulders catch a little air instead” look.

But I get it, people need a little quirky word to refer to it as.

You can try this look with anything that has buttons or a zip up — bombers, jean jackets, trench coats, an oversized coat, the options are endless. You can layer your outerwear of choice over a button up, turtleneck, or even another slimmer jacket underneath.

Lately, we’ve seen all our faves sporting the look — Rihanna, Kim Kardashian (of course), Gigi Hadid, Kanye West, Hailey Baldwin, and so many others.

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The look is supposed to seem effortless and nonchalant, but it actually takes effort when you’re purposely placing your clothing to hang off you. And of course, the constant work of having to readjust. It kind of plays into the “no-makeup” look that people spend an hour in the vanity to achieve.

Also, forget about being hands free, because you’ll basically ruin the look if you try to wear a shoulder or satchel bag. Sorry!

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Even guys are into it.

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