Shahs Of Sunset’s Lilly Ghalichi Is Creating Her Own Horizons

Here’s what Head Bombshell in Charge (#HBIC) Lilly Ghalichi had to say about being a boss and how she loves being an entrepreneur. Also her finest tips on having the finest hair!


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What made you want to get into reality TV?
Honestly, I have no idea! I never dreamed of being on a reality show, or in the spot light at all. To the contrary, I always wanted to be a successful entrepreneur that was taken very seriously. My life up to this point has turned out to be a bit of an anomaly. I’m this small town Texas girl that went to Law School and became an Attorney only to turn into a Glamazon. I now run a very successful glam-pire comprised of hair, makeup, jewelry and fashion (not to mention I do it all in sky high stilettos!); so, I guess my real life ended up being pretty entertaining, and a producer out there thought it should be on a show.

5 tips for the best hair:
I have so many great tips for hair!! Honey, I’m from Texas, the bigger the hair, the better. If you want big, full hair, here are my tips:

1. Dry Shampoo: In order for your hair to get volume (and to hold that volume) it needs some texture to it. It can’t be too soft or clean. Dry Shampoo is a great way to refresh your hair and add a bit of texture before you style.

2. Extensions: We are not all born with thick, full hair (guilty!), so clip in extensions are a great way to add volume and length to your hair without a commitment. Clip them in for a few hours, take them out when you’re done. You can even add highlights or low-lights. I love extensions so much, I created my own brand called “Lilly Hair”. At 260g, they are the THICKEST extensions on the market, so if you want big hair, check out

3. Don’t Wash Your Hair That Often: Hair is NOT meant to be washed every day. If you do wash it daily, your scalp will adjust to that, and will begin to produce more oil, making your hair greasy faster. It will be rough the first week to live with not washing your hair every day, but I promise you, your scalp will adjust very quickly back and will start to produce less grease. My stylists tell me washing twice a week is more than enough. At least wash every other day, every day is too much.


4. Invest in Good Hairspray: If you want your hair to last, you have to use great hairspray. Something that won’t weigh it down, but will hold the style. One of my favorites is by Paul Mitchell and is called “Extra Body Hair Spray.” I love all his products.

5. Brush out your curls: We are not 8 anymore, no girl should have ringlets unless that’s the style you’re going for. After curling your hair, take a flat boar bristle brush and lightly brush through the curls to soften them. This will give you a more chic, glam look versus the Shirley Temple look.

If you were a barbie, what barbie would you be?

100% Career Barbie. I love working and I love being an entrepreneur.

Favorite designer of the moment:
This is so hard because it’s always changing! I try not to spend too much money on clothes, my theory is to “SAVE” on clothes and “SPLURGE” with accessories. The way I see it, I’ll wear an outfit once, maybe twice; but, I’ll wear an accessory (shoes, purse, belt, etc) potentially hundreds of times over the years. I like to buy affordable clothes and dress them up with couture accessories. Most of what I wear can be found on my affordable fashion retail site,

What is next for you?
I just held my first entrepreneurial inspirational seminar “How to Live Like a Boss” in LA. It was such a success, so I’ll be taking them cross country- Houston, NYC, Las Vegas, and Scottsdale have all already been set. I’ll be launching my first personally designed collection of ready to wear with WantMyLook in September at NY Fashion week, so I’m super excited to see where that will lead. I’m also working on my first partnership with my little four legged angel, Coconut. Together we will be in late September, bringing fabulous fashions to our feline friends. I’m working on my second collection of jewelry with Avitan (, this one will be an affordable line. Oh, and I’m so busy that I keep forgetting I’m engaged!


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