Sex Makes Men Believe In God Because Nothing Makes Sense

It’s no secret that sex can make men do a lot of things. It can make them addicted, it can make them crazy, it can probably make them agree to massage your feet for two hours and buy you a new car if it’s really good.

But something you wouldn’t really expect is to see a correlation between how much a man has sex and how spiritual they are. I mean, sex and religion have a weird-ass relationship. It’s viewed as sinful, but then super religious people seem to always be the ones getting themselves into sex scandals with polygamous relationships or having 30,000 kids.

As someone who’s not religious, I can’t say I understand it. But what I can say is that sex makes dudes more likely to believe in God, according to research done at Duke University.

Just how the f is this a thing? Well, the study had half of the male subjects take Oxytocin, otherwise known as the “cuddle hormone,” which is naturally produced during/after having sex.

The men who took the Oxytocin, as opposed to the men who took a placebo, were more likely to say that spirituality was a big part of their lives. This happened regardless of what the men said about spirituality before taking the Oxytocin or the placebo.

Okay…weird. Maybe having lots of sex makes dudes believe in God because they feel blessed? Or maybe they think they and/or their dick is a god? Honestly, don’t even want to get anymore into the hypothetical situations of this correlation.

The correlation between Oxytocin in women (who actually produce more of it) and spirituality hasn’t been analyzed as of yet, but for some reason we have a feeling the results won’t be as fucking weird because women don’t let sex determine every fucking factor of their lives…But then again, who knows? The brain does some weird shit.

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