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🌕✨ Get Ready for Libra Season with a Full Moon in Aries! It’s Time to Level Up Your Wellness Game! 💪🌟 We’ve Curated the Ultimate List of Home Goodies to Boost Your Vibes and Take Self-Care to the Next Level! From Dreamy Sleep Must-Haves to Fresh AF Scrubs, Coffee Fixations, and So Much More. Your Daily Routine Just Got a Major Glow-Up! Whether You’re Adulting Hard or Just Adulting Lite, These Are the Must-Haves You Can’t Live Without! 🚀🏡 #WellnessGoals #LibraSeasonMagic”

 Clementine Sleepwear

Clementine Sleepwear blends the best of luxury and organic into one beautiful experience, thoughtfully designed to elevate your sleep routine. Each piece of the 100% Organic Mulberry Silk Collection is crafted with an artisan attention to detail, making every evening an opportunity to indulge in self-care.

Available in an enchanting palette of Pearl White, Pink Sherbert, Sky Blue, Champagne Gold, Dusk, and the brand’s signature, Clementine Peach, every item promises luxury intertwined with holistic wellness. From the signature Organic Silk Pajama Set and rejuvenating Organic Silk Pillowcase, to the innovative Organic Silk Sleep Mask and the statement-making Silk Scrunchies, the Clementine Sleepwear Collection seamlessly fuses sophistication and organic opulence.

 For more information, visit and follow along at @clementinesleepwear.

Nest Bedding

I am excited to put some essentials from Nest Bedding on your radar that promote comfort, relaxation, and rejuvenation. From weighted blankets to soft sheet sets to supportive mattresses, Nest Bedding has everything needed to reset this September.


Salt.xo was Founded by Jhalesa Seymour in 2018 and is a go to favorite for thousands of consumers and returning paid customers include Chloe and Halle Bailey, Angela Simmons, Layton Green and most recently Queen Naija. 

The Bailey sisters and Angela Simmons started using their products in 2020 after reaching out to the Salt.xo Instagram page, whereas Queen Naija started using their yoni gel products last month. Queen Naija even went to her threads account to post about how much she loves their products. Their slogan “A Healthy Vagina Tastes Better,” went viral amid the pandemic, which brought their products to the forefront of many social media users’ explore pages. 

Their best sellers for their beauty products include their Vitamin C and Citrus Detox Soap Bar. Their best seller for their feminine care products include the Yoni Shower Gel


Fill your space with handcrafted blooms reminiscent of the latest fashion trend to hit the runway – The Classic Rose. With fashion mimicking all types of flowers this season, especially roses, it’s time to head back to the basics with a fresh bouquet of roses from UrbanStems, a DTC floral retailer.  

Cariona Reusable Menstrual Pads

*Asian and Woman Owned Business*

*Made in the USA*

Price: $8.00+

The last thing you want to think about while having Fall Fun is your period. So turn to Cariona – these comfortable, chemical-free, reusable menstrual pads have three unique microfiber and waterproof layers, stopping leaks and neutralizing odors. They come with absorbent wings and a button to snap the pad to your underwear. When you need to change the pad, it folds up into a small square and fits into a waterproof pouch (that comes with packs or is bought separately). 


From an exciting new edition to the Libre fragrance family and a bold new color for the iconic Lash Clash, YSL Beauty has you covered with Fall/Winter must-haves.

YSL Beauty MYSLF Eau de Parfum 


MYSLF is a refillable fragrance with a long-lasting trail that blends sparkling bergamot and rich orange blossom absolute with warm woods, including patchouli and musky Ambrofix™. This woody floral men’s fragrance fuses with your skin to reveal a distinct signature scent. My scent, MYSLF.

A twist of the traditional woody fragrance family with flowers. A statement of modern masculinity to celebrate your true self. Unapologetically. Proudly.


Help the couple’s home be a healthy environment for them and their family with EnviroKlenz’s innovative non-toxic laundry solutions and air purifiers designed to eliminate toxins from our daily lives.

Kahawa 1893

Kahawa 1893 was founded by Margaret Nyamumbo. “Kahawa” means “coffee” in Swahili, “our language – and 1893 is when our story begins” she states. While coffee’s origins can be traced back to ancient forests in Ethiopia, coffee had to travel around the world before it made its way back to Africa, in 1893. Kahawa 1893‘s coffee has rich blends and is sold grounded or as whole beans.

To shop Kahawa 1893, click here.

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