Selena Gomez Brazenly Uses Her iPhone as a Coaster

While most human beings practically break out in hives every time a single drop of liquid gets on their phone, Selena Gomez laughs in the face of danger and says, “bring it on, bitch.”


Because Selena Gomez doesn’t want to give a fuck about anything, besides the success of “13 Reasons Why.”

She doesn’t want to give a fuck about people forgetting her, she doesn’t want to give a fuck about her sad pattern of deleting and re-installing Instagram every week, and she definitely doesn’t want to give ifs, ands or butt fucks about using her iPhone as a coaster for her sweating plastic cup of iced coffee.

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Just look at this picture of Selena leaving her home in LA.

Her hair is tied back in an “I don’t care about the paparazzi outside” bun, she’s wearing a pair of “who even cares about life” sweatpants, and she’s balancing her iced coffee on her phone, screen-side up.

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April 12: Selena out in LA

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Then again, if I was as rich as Selena Gomez, I probably wouldn’t care about water damage either.

If she wanted to, she could walk into an Apple store and buy a year’s worth of iPhones without making a dent in her net worth.

Must be nice.

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