Watch Scott Disick Shade the F*ck Out of Kourtney For Justin Bieber Hookup Rumors

Even though Kourtney Kardashian has denied that she and Justin Bieber ever hooked up, her ex Scott Disick couldn’t resist an opportunity to shade the fuck out of her for whatever it was that went down between her and the Biebs.

In a new Keeping up With the Kardashians clip, all the Kardashian sisters minus Kim, plus Scott, Tyga, and a handful of family friends who aren’t important enough to comment on, played a friendly round of everybody’s favorite party game, Cards Against Humanity.

When it came to Kourtney’s turn, her card had the question, “Why am I so sticky?” on it.

Slowly reading out the answers aloud, “a fleshlight, your weird brother, still being a virgin,” Kourtney had to take a moment to pull herself together before reading the next card aloud, which contained two very simple words on it: Justin Bieber.

Scott immediately says, “I put down that one!” and everybody starts laughing, including Kourtney.

Scott may be a fuckboy, but we really have to hand it to him here.

That was some expertly executed shade.

[H/T US Weekly]

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