Science Says Your Guy Friends All Secretly Want To Bang You, Shockingly

If you have any platonic guy friends, you should know that they all secretly want to get with you.

I mean, most guys seem like they’ll bang anyone who breathes, and it’s just an added bonus if they already know a girl’s personality.

But it’s not just speculation. In fact, studies prove it.

April Bleske-Rechek at the University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire did multiple studies to analyze the different between how men and women think of their friends of the opposite sex (yes, this is what scientists do these days), according to NY Mag.

In the studies, guys were more likely to define their female friend as “a member of the opposite sex whom I am attracted and would pursue given the opportunity” whereas girls simply defined their bro-friends as “a friend of the opposite sex.”

It was also found that in general guys reported having greater attraction to their female friends, that they’re more likely to want to have sex with them, and that they’re more likely to touch them regularly (kind of creepy?).

The last tidbit from the study asked undergrads to think of their “closest, most important opposite-sex friend who is not a long-term romantic partner.” Guys reported higher physical attraction and sexual desire for that friend than women did.

Shocking? No. Funny? Yes.

You can think, “oh no, my guy friends are different,” but stop lying to yourself. If you made a move on any of your guy friends they would be hyped. Guys don’t worry about shit like “ruining the friendship,” or at least, their dicks don’t.

Besides, ever notice how your guy friends mysteriously all disappear when you get a boyfriend? Funny how that works.

This doesn’t mean you should ditch all your guy friends. I mean sure, guys are fun when you want to bro-out or whatever. But it’s always good to have girl friends too. Girl friends won’t leave your side when you suddenly become “un-bangable” and they also won’t awkwardly try to make out with your when they’re drunk. Or maybe they will, but that’s a story for another day.

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