Sabrina Carpenter releases the official music video for her hit single “Feather”, talks new music

Interviewed by: @Taylor Winter

Platinum singer/songwriter Sabrina Carpenter releases the official music video for her hit single “Feather” – watch it here. Directed by Mia Barnes, the video finds Sabrina in various “Final Destination”-style scenarios with a campy twist that comes just in time to get fans in the Halloween spirit. “Feather” was originally released earlier this year on the deluxe version of Sabrina’s critically acclaimed album, emails I can’t send. Sabrina recently performed “Feather” at the MTV VMAs in August along with her other smash hit, “Nonsense” – watch the full performance here.

The new video comes just ahead of Sabrina rejoining Taylor Swift on the South American leg of Swift’s highly coveted Eras Tour in November. Read our full interview with Sabrina below.

Featured Interview:

At the tender age of 10 years old you began songwriting and uploading singing videos to YouTube. Once your family realized your musical talents your dad built your first in home studio. Take us back to that time and tell us about what having support like that did for you as an artist and what your goals were back then.

Most of the time children are told to be quiet when they are making noise or being loud in any way and I was really lucky that singing for me as a little girl was always met with kindness and encouragement. I think that’s mentally what has kept me doing it to this day. I was always writing songs and singing for whoever I could when I was little even if it meant putting my own spin on happy birthday. The first song I ever wrote was called lights and I was 10 and it’s safe to say I’ve come a long way as a songwriter. My goal then and goal now is just to make music I love and perform and connect with people. 

You made your Broadway debut at the beginning of the pandemic with an American classic “Mean Girls” as the star “Cady Heron”. Even though the show got cut short due to the pandemic, how did you prepare it and what are your fondest memories from Mean Girls on Broadway?

It was a dream come true working with Tina Fey and Jeff Richmond, Lorne Michaels and the whole crew i got to meet on that run! I prepared by really buckling down and being super diligent about taking care of myself, and even though we only got to do a few shows, i now feel very equipped for Broadway the next time the right opportunity shows and i will always have a soft spot for mean girls/ cady heron!!

It’s safe to say just about every Galore readers dream is to walk in the Savage Fenty Runway show. You got to do just that in 2021 and killed it. Tell us about how this happened and what you loved most about walking in the show.

I’m no model but I’ll do anything for Rihanna not to be weird. I was literally telling everyone i met on the street that i was in that show like i was not gonna let anyone miss that. It was awesome, she knows how to make such a hot inclusive show. 

You went on your first world tour a few years ago and now you’re on tour with Taylor Swift! How did your experience on The Evolution Tour in 2016 differ from The Eras Tour in 2023? What have you learned working with Taylor Swift as an artist?

I’ve learned so much from Taylor just watching her never miss a beat. The tour is truly remarkable and i feel lucky to be part of a show that feels like such a celebration of love and amazing music we all grew up with.

We all know the summertime means music festival mania. You recently performed at Lollapalooza in Chicago for the first time and did so well! Walk us through that day and what that experience felt like.

I honestly didn’t know if I’d ever be cool enough for lollapalooza so that was a big bucket list thing for me.  I had the best time ever and so many people showed up i was really overwhelmed in the best way. The crowd was by far the best part. 

You absolutely stunned in the latest Vogue Philippines feature where you discuss how you’re still getting to know your voice. Even though you’ve been performing for at least 10 years, why do you feel like there is more exploring to do musically? What would you like to like to strengthen as an actress, singer and songwriter?

As long as the world is changing, so am i. I don’t think I’ll ever feel like i doing have growing and learning to do. I’m going to keep that head on and enjoy myself along the way. I think the strengthening will all happen in its kismet timing.

Last summer you dropped your latest album, “emails I can’t send” followed by the deluxe edition this past spring. How long did it take you to complete the album and where did you draw your inspiration from for this album?

It took me around 2 years to make this album. I drew my inspiration from my life cause there was plenty to pull from thankfully I say through my teeth. I will forever be grateful that i could turn that period of my life into something I love, and will have forever. 

 You have already accomplished so much in such a small amount of time, I mean you’re not even at your prime yet! When you think about the future Sabrina Carpenter at 30 or even 40 years old, who would you like her to be?

I’d like her to be smart and nice and immune to the bullshit.

What does the word rebel mean to you?
idk like riding a motorcycle.  

At what point did you realize the impact of your social media presence?

when someone I had never met asked me how my weekend trip to Spain was.

What is your beauty philosophy?

Not to be annoying but beauty within shines through really vividly. makeup and dressing up is fun and definitely something I love but I feel most beautiful when I feel good inside. 

What’s up next for you? Can your fans expect any new music or maybe see you in an upcoming film or show? What should they be looking out for?

I’ve got tricks up my sleeve at all times.

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