RUE returns with a track about toxic relationship cycles

We first met Rue almost a year ago with her chill R&B vibes crossed with rap and even freestyle spoken word — but here we are a year later, and Rue’s got a new track that’s bigger, hotter and even more lit than before.

“Can’t get enough” is a vibey track that sounds like Terror Jr. and Rihanna had a dope musical child who sings all the feels and R&B emotions that cross her path — and no we ain’t mad about it.

One thing we can always count on Rue for are her lyrics, which come from the rawest place of emotion and honesty.

“’Can’t Get Enough’ is about a relationship cycle, one that I think a lot of people can relate to,” Rue tells Galore. “One person keeps messing up and hurting the other, but the other person can’t let them go and keeps making excuses for taking them back because they love them. It’s a toxic back and forth, because even when you try to walk away you’re still hoping that the person will win you back and change for you. But the truth is that even if and when they win you back, they rarely change. It feels very cliche, like a movie, especially because at a certain point you know the cycle, the plot, is doomed.”

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What a difference a year can make though — since this track is much more direct than any of her former music.

“You’re really seeing into ME — it’s not about me, it’s much bigger than just me, it’s a song about experience,” Rue says. “I hope that with this song, people see and think of themselves. I want people to find themselves, place themselves in my music so they can feel as if they aren’t experiencing and going through things alone — they know that other people are experiencing the same emotions.”

Just when you thought you were the only one trapped in a bad relationship cycle, Rue is here for you. “I think unfortunately we are in a time and place when FEELING is underrated, and when people do feel, they feel alone.We’re all human and going through life, just different settings,” she adds.

Take a listen to the super-relatable track here, and then follow Rue on the socials.

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Photos by Seidi Hakkanen

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