Ruby Rose on Why It’s Not Cool to Tell Girls, ‘You’d Be So Pretty If…’

In case you missed it, Galore cover girl Ruby Rose is the new face of Urban Decay.

And at last night’s launch event for their collaboration, she opened up about one particular annoying comment she’d receive while growing up as a gender non-conforming kid in Australia.

As Ruby recalled, sometimes people would tell her, “Why do you look like a boy? You could be really pretty.”

“Thanks,” she replied with a roll of her eyes, adding, “I’m gonna feel the most confident when I look like myself.”

Ruby and Urban Decay head Wende Zomnir sat on a stage while reporters and beauty bloggers — including Jeffree Star! — took in their conversation about makeup, beauty, and Ruby’s burgeoning acting career. The setting was Greenpoint Terminal in Brooklyn, and there were faux Ruby Rose-covered Village Voice newspapers everywhere, plus a lipstick vending machine.

Ruby also brought up “Break Free,” a video she made that shows her transforming from a typical girly-girl to a more androgynous look. It went viral in 2014 and now has over 18 million views.

She made the video, she said, because she couldn’t get any meetings for acting roles in the U.S. due to her unconventional style. She figured she might as well make her own “movie” since no one would put her in theirs.

Of course, Ruby is now a successful actress — she made her U.S. debut in the massively popular “Orange Is the New Black.” This victory was all the more delicious because she’d been told she couldn’t get a role in “Wentworth” because no one would believe she was in prison. Obviously, whoever told her that was dead wrong.

This being a makeup party, Ruby also detailed the “eyebrow fails” she went through earlier in life, like when she idolized Christina Aguilera and Mariah Carey. Christina’s eyebrows at that point were more like “just one single hair slicked down,” she said to laughs.

Ruby also said that although she has dozens upon dozens of tattoos, she wouldn’t recommend anyone else get tattoos. And her first one, she said, was a tramp stamp that she got with her mom’s permission. How’d she manage that? By coming home with a tongue ring. Her mom was so mad about the tongue ring, she told Ruby she’d let her get a tattoo if she’d just take the ring out.

So if you ever want a mom-endorsed tattoo, guess that’s the way to do it. Thanks, Ruby!

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