Rock Duo K.I.D Gives Us A Song About Lethargy and Addiction

Alt Rock Duo K.I.D (which doesn’t stand for anything, apparently) released their analog style video for “I Wish I Was Your Cigarette” over a year ago. The track features production by Bobby and vocals by the impossibly cool Kara — who met as teenagers buying cigarettes from the only clerk in the neighborhood who never asked for proof of age.

Now, the two have released a new track, equally as awesome called “Errors” — which is everything opposite of the pop songs of late featuring stories about love and partying, and instead features Kara’s raspy, soulful, and honest voice singing about “not being at her best.” (Can you relate, though?)

But don’t be fooled by the dark subject matter, since K.I.D’s music is anything but sad. Really, it’s the perfect mesh of ironic negativity set to loud melodic rock sounds over dusty, rattle-y drums that make for a series of great tunes.

Nothing about this duo is predictable, as many of their songs are about sexuality, bad dates, chain smoking, body issues and alcoholism — you know, the real shit in life.

Their upcoming EP, set to release next year sometime, is truly like “Blondie” and “Hole” had some sort of warped unicorn rocker child with magical musical songwriting powers — in the true sense of the word, it’s literally everything.

Check out the video for “I Wish I Was Your Cigarette,” add “Errors” to your Spotify list, and check the hilarious Q&A with K.I.D below!

What does K.I.D stand for?

It stands for nothing. We have the dots so the name is easier to search.  The internet is so cluttered with memes and low budget porn, we had to make ourselves google-able.

Who are some of your influences?

We’re influenced by artists who come from both sides of the pop spectrum. Everything from moody stuff like Tori Amos or the Smashing Pumpkins, over to Aqua or the Sailor Moon soundtrack. Our music feels like a healthy marriage of those two extremes.

Describe your genre in sounds and pictures.

The sound of your grandmother on New Year’s Eve asking you to pass her a menthol.

What film soundtrack or movie scene would “Errors” fit best in?

Probably the scene in “Welcome To The Dollhouse” where she gets bullied for needing to shit at school.

Since the chorus talks about “not being your best,” is the song about asking people to get off your back?

It’s more of an apology to people for not necessarily meeting their expectations. There are a lot of pop songs about partying and love, but there are so few about self-dissatisfaction and lethargy and porn addiction, and all those things that are so ubiquitous. “Errors” tells a lesser told story.

What bands/music are you listening to right now?

Mazzy Star, A Clockwork Orange soundtrack, AG Cook and Chumbawumba.

If you rubbed against a lamp in a thrift shop and a genie popped out, what would your three wishes be? 

– A tenth season of Roseanne

– An eleventh season of Friends

– World peace

What singer/artist do you think is the most overrated?


Most embarrassing thing that’s happened to you while on tour or while performing?

We once had to open for a German man who performed synth pop with a plastic bag over his head. That wasn’t really embarrassing though… it was pretty iconic.

What’s next for you?

Our album is finished and it will be out sometime next year. Second single called “Taker” will be out this month. We’re just planning the video for that then back on the road very soon.

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Photo by Nadia Lee Cohen

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