Rob Kardashian Finally Reveals How His Family Feels About Blac Chyna Engagement

The TMZ cameras caught up with beautiful weirdo and “Dancing With the Stars” runner-up Rob Kardashian as he left some sort of ultra-modern LA megastructure with Blac Chyna this morning, and they asked him how his family feels about his engagement to Blac Chyna.

“They’re really happy,” Robbo divulged.

There you have it! The rumors are false. The Kardashians are down with Rob’s new engagement. This is the biggest bombshell since Kanye pronounced at the airport, “I love Rob.”

Also, a paparazzo asked Blac Chyna if Kim has ever given her tips on how to be a good reality star and whether she’s going to be pregnant soon. She classily dodged these questions, but then removed an old bag of McDonald’s garbage and confessed that she’s “bad” and ate McDonald’s earlier.

Secret McDonald’s, Blac Chyna? Not fair to Rob, TBH!

Click here to watch the video.

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