Surprise, Rob Doesn’t Want His Daughter to Become a Stripper

Like pretty much every father on the planet, Rob Kardashian is praying that his unborn baby daughter doesn’t become a stripper when she grows up.

In a recent clip of his terrible, horrible, no good, very bad show Rob & Chyna, Chyna takes her BF to a strip club she used to work at to “show Rob what I had to go through and the environment that I had to be in to make this person,” and it made him come to the realization that, “If I ever catch my daughter up in here — boy!”

Let’s just hope she doesn’t take after her mother than.

Check out this precious family moment in Us Weekly‘s exclusive clip which E! obviously leaked to them in an effort to trick people into watching their soon-to-be-failed reality program.

[H/T US Weekly]

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