Rita Ora Got Beyoncé to Stand Still Long Enough For a Met Ball Selfie

Rita Ora and Beyoncé took a selfie at the Met Ball because even though the world may have moved on from the whole “who da fuq is Becky” witch hunt, Rita Ora hasn’t.

She’s still really concerned that people think she’s Becky, and she figured this would be the perfect way to squash the rumors.


See? Doesn’t this prove that Rita couldn’t possibly be Becky? 

See how Beyoncé isn’t even looking at the camera and has a fake, plastered-on smile that says, “I should have let Jay Z take me to this damn ball so shit like this wouldn’t happen to me”?

Really, how could that mean anything other than, “I really love this person standing next to me and there’s no way they’ve caused me and my family any harm.”  


Whatever floats your boat, Rita.

We’ll still never be able to forget your puzzling actions the first 24 hours after Lemonade dropped:

• You stepped out in the exact same Gucci outfit that Beyonce wore while sitting on top of the sinking cop car in the “Formation” video

• You wore an initial necklace that kind of looked like a “J” in certain angles

• You took a selfie in a bralette with lemons on it.

So obviously some of us are a little confused! Next time, maybe just let the Met Ball be sacred, k? Anna Wintour doesn’t like selfies anyway.


Rita Ora also wore a “Not Becky” pin to the after party, just in case people like us weren’t convinced by the selfie.



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