#RIP Our 10 Fave Brangelina Red Carpet Looks

Whether you were #TeamJen all along or you stanned Brangelina until the death, you can’t deny that they had some great red carpet appearances. While some were over-rated, like that time when Angelina purposely stuck out her leg for the entirety of the 2012 Oscars, some looks were serious #couplegoals.

We picked our favs in memory of the couple that reportedly recently filed for divorce and showed us all that love really is dead… at least for celebrities.

1. Sexual Tension Real AF: 2005

Could this pic be anymore awkward? They’re trying so hard to not be near each other, since Jennifer Aniston just filed for divorce the same month that this photo was taken. Angie looks like she picked up that dress in the clearance section of TJ Maxx, but Brad looks fly.

2. Sweet Pea(s) – 2008

Pretty fitting that Angelina looks like a preggo earth goddess for the premiere of Kung Fu Panda, right? They later found out that Ang was carrying twins… congrats?

3. Emerald City, B*tch – 2011

The only accessory that could’ve possibly made this emerald green Atelier Versace gown look better was having Brad Pitt as man candy on the side, which she did.

4. Prom King & Queen – 2007

Something about Angelina’s bright yellow gown (which is fab, don’t get me wrong), and Brad’s fresh-faced, blonde-haired look, just screams Prom King & Queen, no?

5. Twinning In a Non-Tacky Way – 2014

Pretty sure only Brad and Angie could make matching couple outfits somehow work? The fact that both of them are fucking gorgeous probably helps.

6. Casual AF – 2007

Brangelina got a little funky with their look for the premiere of Beowulf in London. Maybe they were trying to look European? Brad’s look may be kind of questionable, but Angelina’s leather pants f*cking slay.

7. Green With Envy – 2009

We’re starting to think that Angelina may have a thing for green, don’t you?

8. Sexy & I Know It – 2006

This was Brangelina’s first official red carpet appearance as a couple, even though they’d been together for two years and had a baby. They f*cking slayed and you know that they knew it. Just look at their faces.

9. Bad AF Bastards – 2009

Angelina managed to look non-basic in Michael Kors, and next to Brad in those Aviators they totally nailed the rock-badass-luxe look.

10. Old Hollywood – 2009

If you looked up a picture of “old-Hollywood style couple,” this picture would probably come up. The dreamy Versace dress paired with a red lip, a soft curl, and Hollywood’s classic hunk couldn’t be any better.

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