Rihanna Puts Every Bro to Shame When It Comes to Strip Club Etiquette

It’s no secret that Rihanna is about that strip club life.

She’s been quoted as saying going to the strip club is the best stress reliever around, and two of her last seven videos have taken place in a strip club (“Needed Me” and “Pour It Up”).

So it shouldn’t really be a surprise that yesterday, following her concert in Houston, one of America’s biggest strip club capitals, Rihanna made a surprise trip to the club, armed with $15,000. 

According to a video obtained by TMZ, Rihanna gleefully made it rain on the dancers at V Live, playfully slapping their asses with stacks as the club blasted her bad bitch anthem “Needed Me.”

Clearly, Rihanna was having a ball — and you can that the strippers whose asses she was making it rain on thought the feeling was mutual. 

Therein lies the secret to what makes Rihanna’s love of strip clubs unique — Rihanna has better strip club etiquette than most strip club patrons.

According to Brooklyn Ford, an NYC dancer, “strippers do enjoy when women come to the club and party with us. Unfortunately, there are some things that occur that usually change our minds instantly. I honestly feel that many women come to the strip club with this strange idea that they can misbehave in the most bizarre manner that would not be accepted anywhere else.”

Some of these bizarre behaviors include getting too drunk, fondling strippers, jumping on stage to give an impromptu performance, heckling, and aggressively flirting with male customers.

This is an area Rihanna has zero problem with. In fact, she tips more than most men do at the strip club.

In 2013, she went to the strip club with her rumored on-again-off-again boyfriend Drake and dropped between $17K and $97k at a Houston strip club — probably one of the ones Drake references in “Houstalantavegas.”

Also in 2013, Rihanna went on a solo trip to Miami’s King of Diamonds, and dropped $8k all on her own.

And unlike when certain male celebrities visit the clubs, when Rihanna shows her appreciation in a physical way, it never crosses the line.

According to dancer Jhonni Blaze, who had the pleasure of dancing for Rihanna in 2013 when she and Drake made it rain in Houston, “She slapped and rubbed my butt. It was like when I danced for Justin Bieber and he lined us all up and touched our butt. But it wasn’t disrespectful.”

 So everybody, let’s review what we’ve learned from Rihanna’s strip club etiquette, okay?

Tip like a boss, enjoy yourself, treat the dancers like the goddesses they are, make it as fun of a night for them as it is for you, and always remember whose house you’re spending the night in.

It’s all about r-e-s-p-e-c-t.

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