Rihanna’s new lip paint is basically a one-step Kylie Lip Kit

Rihanna is about to bless with world with a lip paint called Lip Stunna on November 23rd and it could make your beauty routine a bit easier.

The paint will apparently be available only in red for now — a color named One Red For All. A red lip paint isn’t exactly groundbreaking at this point, but here’s what is: it doesn’t even need a lipliner to stay put.

Rihanna posted a tutorial (which you can peep below) with the product on her Instagram yesterday. It was surprising to see that she didn’t even use a liner before applying the paint — and the paint looked totally flawless without it.

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For the bold side of us all #STUNNA Lip Paint #ONEREDFORALL. Dropping 11/23

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This is pretty big. The standard procedure for a bold lip look these days is to use at least a liner and a lipstick or stain, plus maybe a gloss on top. Kylie Jenner’s beauty line has pioneered this approach, with its two-to-three-step lip kits. Adding a liner under your color is a foolproof way to keep the color uniform. Plus, without a liner, the pigment can wear off quicker — and it usually wears off on the outsides first, which is not cute.

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But with Rihanna’s Lip Stunna, you can apparently get the same look as a lip kit in only one step instead of two or three. Sign us up!

The color looks similar to Kylie’s Mary Jo shade — which I tested out a few weeks ago and found to be a bit labor-intensive. It took, like, a full five minutes for me to get both products on. It did last all day, but who’s got the time?

Not Rihanna, that’s for sure. She doesn’t seem like the type to sit in the mirror and dutifully follow a 16-step contour tutorial, so it makes sense she’d pioneer a simpler system for bold lips.

Thank you, as always, Rihanna, for making it a little bit easier for us to be as low-key and chill as you.

Lip Stunna will be available at Sephora Nov. 23.

#stunna don’t laugh at my tutorial skillz ‍♀ @fentybeauty

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