Rich People Are Dicks & That’s Probably Why They’re Rich

Everyone knows a rich asshole. In fact, you probably know many rich assholes.

Are they assholes because they were born into money and have never had to work a day in their lives? Or were they just born assholes and that’s why they’ve made so much money from scheming people and being assertive?

Honestly, we’re not completely sure. But The Washington Post highlighted some studies that prove rich people suck and sadly the reasons they suck are also probably the same reasons why they’re rich. Damn it.

1. They Suck At Identifying Emotions

Rich people aren’t the best at picking up on your subtle clues that you’ve had a hard day, which is why it seems like they don’t give a fuck (spoiler alert: they might still not).

In an experiment where subjects were shown photos of people’s faces, lower-income subjects were much better at identifying the correct emotions than their higher-income counterparts.

Because instead of worrying that you’re upset or consoling you, rich peeps are probs getting shit done.

2. They’re More Likely To Cut You Off

Next time you’re driving and some aggressive fuck cuts you off, pay attention to what car they’re driving, because it’s probably a high-end car. According to a study, drivers of Toyotas and other inexpensive cars were four times less likely than their bougie counterparts to cut another driver off.

So the rich peeps get to work on time while the broke peeps are late again. And def not promoted.

3. They’re More Likely To Lie, Cheat, and Steal

Think about somebody like Jordan Belfort. Did he become a billionaire by being honest and fair? Nah, he got rich by lying to people and convincing them to buy shitty stocks, not to mention completely cheating the system with his Steve Madden deal.

Richer people were more likely to lie, cheat, and steal, according to a study.

It’s fucked up, but your douchey classmate that got your dream job probably lied on his resume cuz he DGAF about lying.

4. They’re Less Likely To Be Empathetic 

Even if a rich person does recognize that you’re feeling blue, they’re less likely to give a shit, according to a study.

From Washington Post:

When University of North Carolina researcher Keely Muscatell showed high- and low-income subjects photos of human faces with accompanying personal stories, the brains of the low-income subjects demonstrated much more activity in the areas associated with empathy than the rich subjects’ brains.

Did it hurt your feelings when you got fired? A rich person DGAF, they’ll be more concerned with how to get your job and make more $$.

5. They’re Less Likely To Help People Out

Don’t try the whole dropping your pencil trick to get a cute rich person to flirt with you, cuz they’ll probs just stare at it like a turd on the ground and wait for you to pick it up.

In one study, some subjects were primed with images of money (a screensaver with floating cash or a word scramble with words like “cash” and “bill”) whereas some were not. When a research assistant dropped a box of pencils and pretended it was an accident, the money-primed subjects were less likely to help pick anything up.

6. They’ll Run You The Fuck Over

Similar to the other car study, a related study found that people who drove nice cars were much less likely to slow down and/or stop for pedestrians crossing the street. How kind of them.

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