6 Best Iggy Azalea x Steve Madden Shoes According To Galore

galore_mag_iggy 18-53-40

While everyone was concerned about Iggy’s Twitter rant, they missed how AMAZING her collaboration with Stave Madden truly is. The Australian rapper’s first 2015 release of shoes is made up of ten styles that are all to die for. Iggy told InStyle that her favorite style is the “Tempo,” and while the blue satin bootie is super cute, we have some favorites of our own. Here’s the 6 best Iggy x Steve Madden shoes according to Galore. You can start shopping them now!

galore_mag_steve_madden1 galore_mag_steve_madden_2 galore_mag_steve_madden_3 galore_mag_steve_madden_4 galore_mag_steve galore_mag_steve_madden7

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