These 10 LGBTQ+ POC musicians are changing the game

These 10 LGBTQ+ musicians have been KILLING it in the music industry.

Even though a lot of their music styles are different, the two things they all have in common is the struggle they faced having to break into the industry being a person of color and being part of the LGBTQ+ community. But these artists embraced who they are instead of hiding it, and have blessed the world with their creative talents because of their openness.

Check out these amazing 10 musicians and get ready to add to your music playlist.

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I found errrr at the wig store… I might need one of these made

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Queen of looks. Queen of my heart. Kehlani is R&B’s lastest soulful crooner and is one of the many gems to come from Oakland, California. She has come out with many instant classics like “The Way ft. Chance the rapper,” “Distraction,” and her latest hit single “Honey” (which is an ode to “all the pretty girls in the world”). If you want a little “Sweet, Sexy, Savage” in your life, definitely add Kehlani to your playlist.

Frank Ocean

s o l o

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MY LITERAL WORLDDDD. Frank Ocean has come a long way from being in his group with Tyler the Creator, OFWGKTA. He has made two amazing albums, Blonde and Channel Orange (his best album, imo), countless hit songs like Chanel and Biking and more. While he is M.I.A most of the time, this only makes the world yearn for more of him and his beautiful music.

Kevin Abstract

fat ass head

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Kevin Abstract is 1 out of a 15 member strong group called Brock Hampton. Not only is he a musician, but he is also a digital media artist and a filmmaker (a.k.a a jack of all trades). When you are done checking out his cool ass website, I recommend you listen to Drugs, Star, and Gummy. Then thank me later 😉 



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Kaytranada (who is Haitian btw, Sak Pase!!!) is a DJ and record producer, and he has songs under his belt like “Lite Spots” that makes you either want to get up and groove or songs like “Bus ride feat. Karriem Riggins & River Tiber “that makes you want to relax on the couch and vibe. My personal favorites will have to be “Glowed up ft. Anderson .Paak” and “You’re the One ft. Syd,” but honestly how can one choose? His whole discography is perfect tbh.

Tyler, The Creator

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This is a controversial choice because some people feel that Tyler is joking around, or worse, queerbaiting when he talks about his sexuality. But a few lines on his new track “The Garden Shed” seem like a genuine coming-out announcement.

Anyway, what can I say about my boo that hasn’t been said before? Well, Tyler, The Creator started off his music career eating roaches and scaring the absolute shit out of everyone. But now this “Flower Boy” blossomed into something more beautiful. With hits under his belt like “911/Mr. Lonely,” ” She ft. Frank Ocean,” and “Perfect ft. Kali Uchis and Austin Feinstien,” Tyler has proven he is more than just a one genre musician, and he is here to stay for a long time.


Monday ✨

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Syd was also part of Tyler, The Creator and Frank Ocean’s group OFWGKTA, but then she evolved and created a new group called The Internet. They made an amazing album called Ego Death (I HIGHLY recommend listening to Palace/Curse ft. Tyler, The Creator and Steve Lacy, Girl ft Kaytranada, and Gabby ft. Janelle Monet) and Syd recently came out with a solo album called Fin that is also worth listening to.

Azealia Banks

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NOW I KNOW SHE IS MAD PROBLEMATIC. However, no one cannot deny her amazing talent and her intense rap skills. Azealia Banks has come through with bops like “212 ft Lazy Jay”, “Liquorice”, “Fuck up the Fun, I can literally go on for days. If you can’t look past her controversial remarks, or her problematic actions, I understand. However, try out her music first before you write her off, I s2g you will not regret it.

Angel Haze

I need a bitch to stay below my waist like a holster

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Angel Haze has undoubtedly been overlooked for the longest time. Her songs like “New York” and “The Wolves” have that type of passion that definitely will get your head boppin and body movin. She also has a song out with Sia called “Battle Cry” that tackles religion, loneliness, and support. A lot of her music also covers serious topics such as mental health, suicide, joy, pain, etc. Don’t sleep on Angel Haze now.

Young M.A

The look u give right before u devour her …. ‍♀

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OOOUUUUUUU!! Young M.A. appeared in the Rap game with that viral hit song in 2016 and her grind has not stopped since. Her freestyles are a sight to see and even Queen Bey has cosigned her music. If you want to get hyped, or at least listen to some fire, you gotta listen to her songs “Eat” and “Quiet Storm“.

Steve Lacy

day: beaut

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Steve Lacy is also part of The Internet but he has definitely made a name for himself. His music is like a joyride in the car with the windows down on a sunny Saturday morning. His easy, laid-back tunes like “Ryd” and “Looks” will have you laying in bed all day smiling, thinking about an imaginary boo you haven’t met yet (or maybe you already have!) while “Thangs” will have you slow-groovin till tomorrow.

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