PSA: Do Not Take Tylenol When You’re Hungover

Plenty of us reach for the Tylenol when we have a splitting headache after a night of drinking. But guess what? It could be really bad for you.

Taking Tylenol on a hangover is quite dangerous, according to Fusion. Tylenol is prone to causing liver damage if taken with alcohol. This means it’s no bueno both when you’re drinking and when you’re hungover.

Basically, its the acetaminophen in Tylenol that is harmful to you when you’re hungover.

The liver finds it hard to break down and metabolize alcohol if you’re drinking more than one drink per hour, which everyone does. Adding Tylenol to the mix makes it even harder for your liver to remove harmful substances as it can’t break down both at the same time. This causes the liver to over-metabolize because it’s trying to digest and break down the alcohol and the acetaminophen.

The label on the bottle does warn not to take with alcohol, but most of us don’t read the warning. Mixing Tylenol with alcohol can also increase kidney damage by 123%, according to WedMD.

There are many other options to choose from, including Advil, that are easier on your liver and kidneys.

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