[Premiere] Shiny Wet Machine’s One-Take Video Teases Their Live Performance Feels

Shiny Wet Machine is a new totally sick collaborative project between Sizzy Rocket + Alex Fitts from The Kickdrums. Their newest single, “Stun Gun,” has the perfect mix of punk rock loudness and a raw rock n’ roll hook that’ll jam itself into your heart and have you wriggling for more. And bonus, Sizzy has literally the most impossibly fire style ever. We won’t even blame you for copping her style. 

The video for “Stun Gun” is a one-take video that gives us a glimpse into the radical live energy you might experience when seeing Shiny Wet Machine live. The band says that their live performance aspect is the most important thing, citing “The adrenaline, the sweat, the bruises, the elements of mistake and possibility – that’s where we really come alive. And we wanted to show that with this video – once the cameras start rolling, whatever happens happens.”

Check the radical video below.

Shiny Wet Machine

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