[Premiere] Scavenger Hunt’s Fire New Set of 6 Dance Remixes

Los Angeles pop duo Scavenger Hunt released their “Shapes and Outlines” EP earlier this year, and features the breathy, dreamy, traditional pop vocals of singer Jill Lamoureux, and the multi-instrumental production of Dan Mufson.

If you’re looking for the perfect set of remix dance tracks, their new six track set is perfect for your Saturday night playlist for a night out with the girls, no doubt.  

This three-track remix EP of “Shapes and Outlines” includes double remixes of each track by Cavego, The Midnight, DanDanNoodle, Prank Call, Birdee, and POLO which all manage to keep the original tracks’ dreamy pop vibes, but give them each a dash of new flavor, making for remixes just as good as the original tracks.

Check the track-by-track remix guide below, choose your fave, or listen to them all on repeat!

Sweet Talk —The original version of “Sweet Talk” is a straight pop song turned into a dubstep trap-inspired dance track by Prank Call worthy of a sweaty dance-off that’s bound to make your eyeliner run. Scavenger Hunt says of the Cavego mix, “We loved his high energy, 70s-disco-tinged remixes that we found on SoundCloud, and thought it would be a perfect match for  “Sweet Talk.” This remix is sexy!”

Never Enough — “Never Enough’s” original version is an 80’s pop-synth dream, and the remix by The Midnight adds a pretty sick and sexy-af saxophone which aligns it even more with the 1980’s with a dance-y EDM twist. The band says, “ We share a love for 80s film scores, and are simply in love with their lush and emotional take on the song.”

River Runs Dry — DanDan Noodle adds a sick almost R&B groove to the original, while the POLO remix adds more layered synths making for a more epic climactic dance track. The Scavengers say though not much is known about POLO, “We are so thrilled and honored with the outcome. This is definitely the furthest from the original we have stretched, but couldn’t be more happy about it.”

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