[PREMIERE]: “I Want To Make Out At The Gay Club” by NVDES

Right now, we need gay clubs more than ever. No, not to have a “girls night.” But to provide a safe space for all of the LGBT people who may be feeling unsafe in the wake of this election.

If you need a new anthem for your weekend endeavors, NVDES‘ latest track, “I Want To Make Out At The Gay Club” is perfect. Check out the exclusive premiere below, and our interview with NVDES about why gay clubs are so important.

What’s the meaning behind this song? Inspiration?

This song was inspired by seeing a girl in a Berlin club with a shaved head. I thought it would be fun to write a song about desiring a person with a shaved head because there could be that mystery as to what sex they were… I decided to only leave the chorus lyrics, because I thought the “tip of the iceberg” approach was more impact with my message.

Ironically, I wrote this the day before the tragic shooting at the Pulse night club in Orlando. I was in Berlin and thinking about the progress that the LGBT community has made in the USA and how I hoped that feeling of acceptance would spread. The next day when I learned of the shooting, I was deeply saddened and questioned the progress of LGBT rights in America.

Do you think this song has special meaning now with the political turmoil that’s going on in the US?

This song has always had a special meaning for me. I think it’s especially important now more then ever. This past election showed us that unfortunately there is still a very strong hateful thread that runs deep in this country. I think its up to all of us to stand up to this hate and fight for equality for all people.

Why are gay clubs so important?

Well as I say in the song, “there is nothing but dancing and love.” I think its a safe zone where people feel free to be themselves.

What is your personal experience with gay clubs?

My connection goes way back to my childhood. I grew up on Fire Island, NY. One of my earliest experiences with dance music was at my friend’s uncles’ house listening to mix CDs from DJs playing in The Pines. It was also the place where I had my earliest experience with a proper dance club.

Why are gay clubs different than regular clubs besides their clientele?

As I mentioned earlier, it’s a place for people to be free with themselves. I think this feeling of freedom is inspiring and one that we could all benefit from in our everyday lives, not just at a club, but in everything we do.

“I Want To Make Out At The Gay Club” comes from NVDES’ debut EP Life With Lobsters, out today via B3SCI Records. Stream on Spotify here!

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