Caroline Daur’s Coolest Places To Go In Berlin

If you have the opportunity (or the $) to travel, you probably don’t want to do the dumb tourist shit that your parents would do.

I mean sure, some tourist shit is legit, but sometimes you just wish you had a cool friend of a friend that lived in a foreign city and could show you the ropes, right?

Thankfully, Caroline Daur is a badass blogger babe that’s based in Berlin, and we asked her the best spots to check out in Berlin to eat, drink, and even watch movies. If you’re planning a trip to the trendy German city, check out her guide so that you don’t look like a tourist and meet all the other cool Berlin-dwellers on your travels.

1. Soho House Berlin

(Torstraße 1)

You’re sure to have heard of Soho House as being a favorite of creative talent around the globe, and its Berlin location is no exception. Caroline’s obsessed with their omelettes, which she dubs the best in Berlin. 

2. Voo Store

(Oranienstraße 24/ 10:00am-20:00pm)

Voo stocks labels like Acne, Mallon, and all the other cool designers that you’d feel the impulse to purchase while people-watching in Berlin in hopes of looking equally as cool as them.

SUNDAY OPENING: Voo Store and Companion Coffee will be open tomorrow, Sunday, November 6th, 1-6pm.

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3. The Corner Berlin

(Franz. Str. 40/ 10:30am-19:30pm)

Shopping at The Corner Berlin is kind of like shopping on Rodeo Drive when you visit LA, but it’s fine, because when in Rome…or Berlin, or whatever. Maybe window shopping is a better word?

Incoming from @Balenciaga and @vetements_official, stop by and explore the rest of our selection!

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4. Concept Mall at the Bikini Berlin

(Budapester Str. 38-50/ 10:00am-20:00pm)

Going to the mall in a foreign city seems kind of lame, until you see how legit the Bikini Berlin Concept Mall is. Say goodbye to piles of wrinkled clothing at Hollister and say hello to chic and organized stores with real plants in them.

5. Spreegold

(Rosa-Luxemburg-Straße 2/ (8:00am-12:00am)

Caroline says that Spreegold is her favorite breakfast spot, and we can see why.

6. Hotel Michelberger

(Warschauer Str. 39-40/ daily from 12:00)

Caroline’s favorite lunch spot boasts healthy but fancy food. We all know that hotels have the coolest decor, and this place is no exception.

7. Katz Orange

(Bergstrasse 22/ Daily from 6:00pm)

Caroline says this hidden spot has delicious food that’s always fresh af.

All those #wines…

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8. Cinema “Zoo Palast”

(“Zoo Palast“/Hardenbergstraße 29A)

This insane theater is a far cry from your local movie-watching facility where you used to make out with pre-pubescent boys with braces.

Sure, you probs don’t want to spend your Berlin trip inside watching a movie, but if you watch a foreign film it’s still a cultural experience. Besides, when else are you going to watch a film in a luxe palace like this?

9. Monkey Bar

(Budapester Str. 40/ 12:00pm-1:00am)

Caroline raves about this place being the best view over Berlin, which will be ideal for all your Instagram needs for obvious reasons.

초점을 잃은 눈으로 창밖을 한참이나 응시했다. 그 짧았던 순간의 긴 시간 동안, 나는 창밖을 가만히 응시하는 것 이외엔 정말 아무것도 하지 않았고, 그렇게 텅 빈 의자처럼 멈춰 있었다. 감당할 수 없이 생각이 많아져 버리면 그렇게, 모든 게 멈춰버리고 만다. #overandoveragain

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