Premiere: “Nerviosa” by Andrekza

Born Andrekza Andreina in San Antonio de los Altos, Venezuela, her natural flair for poetry began in her childhood, later leading her to victory in various national and state-level competitions in her youth. Graduating high school at the tender age of 15, she set out to study in Toronto, Canada. That re-aligned her with music, and at 16, she began to write rap lyrics. As the first Latina signed to Steve Aoki’s new Latin imprintDim Mak en Fuego, she completely identifies with the company. Existing creatively in music, she has one goal: “I hope to encourage people to express themselves through various art forms.” Today Galore premieres her single “Nerviosa.”

Photographed by: Julio 2k Méndez

Living creatively is undeniably a courageous act. Pushing magical thinking, visualization, and music production, the current generation of creatives are well-rounded individuals who embrace a plethora of creative outlets—simultaneously connecting to music, visual storytelling, and fashion. This is best exemplified in ANDREKZA’s evolution. With a definitive style that incorporates global aesthetics and sounds —combining the traditional dembow riddim found in dancehall and reggaeton with uplifting melodies—her music represents fun, eclectic rhythms, and harmonies.

“My overall essence comes from the knowledge I obtained outside of Venezuela and my experience as a child growing up in Venezuela.” 

What was the creative process for the making of “Nerviosa“?

“The creative process in making ‘Nerviosa’ was truly incredible. When we talk for the very first time about someone we like, we almost always deny the possibility to feel…when I like or am attracted to someone there are so many things I feel but I can only identify, at that very moment, that what I feel is nervousness. I have so much fun creating and sharing my ideas with my fans. PS. I’ve always dreamed of working with Galore as a creative director! It’s wild I’m being featured now for my work as an artist! Thank you for opening the doors for me in such a beautiful way. The illustrations I made on these pics I did with markers and I did them exclusively for Galore!” Andrekza

Photographed by: Julio 2k Méndez

To listen to “Nerviosa,” you can do so here.






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