[PREMIERE]: Loren North Goes From Backup to Center Stage With ‘Starlight’

We’ve all had that friend who quits the musical because she was cast in the ensemble instead of getting the lead.

And the truth is, that girl’s kinda lame (and like, SO not a team player). When singer Loren North was presented with the opportunity to sing back up for Olivia Holt, she didn’t quit the musical — she instead took on the project as a learning experience and stepping stone for her own career.

Fast forward to now, and along with the amazing experiences and friendships Loren made while touring with Olivia, she’s also recorded her own EP called “Starlight” which you can download now. Her first single, “Feel it Out,” went viral on Spotify, reaching top 10 on both the US and Global 50 Charts. And now she has over 400K streams… not bad for a girl who started as a backup singer.

Loren’s star is on the rise, and she’s got more up her sleeves than we’re currently aware of (Watch out, world!). Take a peek at our Q&A with Loren, who is def that down to earth girl who doesn’t yet realize she’s super rad. Also, we can rest easy in knowing that Loren is certainly NOT the girl who quits — but is instead the girl who snatches up every opportunity like the boss she is, and turns it all into a glittery “starlight” experience.

Check out the premiere of her new music video for “Starlight” below and then head to the socials where you know you wanna stalk her!



Full name, nickname(s), and favorite quote/or mantra?

Oh man, getting really personal with that middle name. 😉

Full name: Loren (Kelsey) North

Nicknames: Lo, Lor, Lorena, LoNo (…pretty much anything with L and O in it)

Favorite quote/verse: Psalm 28:7

Is it true you were a backup singer for Olivia Holt? How did you get that gig?

Yes, love that girl. We have been friends and like sisters for a while now. When I was asked to sing backup for her, I thought it would be such a pleasure to be apart of her journey and an incredible learning experience too.

How have you taken that experience as a backup singer and applied it to being a singer on your own now?

There are so many factors. Just learning to be on a stage, perform, also seeing all the work that goes into it pre-show. It was so fun to tour some and learn all the ins-and-outs.  Yeah, it’s A LOT of work, but it makes me so stoked to do it someday for myself!

If you were to describe your sound, for example “if Cyndi Lauper met guitar metal,” what would it be?

UGH, don’t know whom I would want to compare myself to. I originally thought I would be doing indie/folk music, and now I’m mixing some of those elements into a more electro/pop sound.

Who are some of your influences?

Many people in my life, but in music I’ve always looked up to Brooke Fraser and Jon Foreman just in the way they live their lives, have amazing music careers, and a family. <3

If “Starlight” were on a movie soundtrack, set to a specific scene maybe, what would it be and why?

I can ABSOLUTELY see it set to some kinda ethereal nighttime scene.

What bands/music are you listening to right now?

Dang, so much. Two that I’m super into are Lauv and Leon (see a trend with the ‘L’ names?)

Do you like covering songs? If you could cover a few, which ones would you pick?

Oh, for sure. It’s a fun project taking others songs and doing them your own way with your own style. I actually have lots of covers on my YouTube that you can go check out 🙂

What are your top five makeup products at the moment?

Okay, let me admit it: makeup and I aren’t really besties. I promise we have gotten closer, but we aren’t fully there yet. So I’m pretty practical when it comes to makeup. Not sure if I should be the one giving out tips, but I’ll give you a few favorites.

Clinique – acne solutions liquid makeup (I have very sensitive skin)

Clinique – superbalm moisturizing gloss (DOES WONDERS)

Urban Decay – glide eyeliner pencils

Buxom – blackest black lengthening mascara (I have long lashes and this stuff is peeeerfect for them)

NARS – lip pencils FTW

What is your current recommended concert outfit?

Ooooh concert outfit. I’m not the type that shows up in anything over-the-top. I definitely think it depends on the concert and venue. I’ll use the Bon Iver concert coming up next week at the Hollywood Bowl for example.

I’ll probably wear a girly dress with a leather jacket draped over my shoulders to give a little edge (and to stay warm outside at night).

Shoes – COMFY. It could be flip-flops for all I care.

Hair – messy french braid?

Bag – my dark maroon-ish, red clutch bag with a long strap.

Probably no sunglasses…. or maybe.  (*cue that ‘I wear my sunglasses at night’ song*)

What kinds of things do you do with your girl squad?

Oh goodness, we’re such grandmas. Bake, watch Christmas movies, hike, play music, go to cafes in the canyons… so many things.

What do you hope to accomplish this year?

MORE MUSIC. Play shows. Big secret is I would love to also start doing stuff within the fashion world. Hoping to build an amazing team around me who can push me outside the limits and have so much fun along the way.

Most embarrassing thing that’s happened to you while you were performing?

Bumping my head on the mic accidentally. *cue eye roll*

What’s next for you? Is there an upcoming tour or a full album in the works?

Maybe maybe. 😉

How can we stalk you?

STALK ME, I’m good at stalking and I know you are too.

IG: @lorennorth (so original I know)

Twitter: @lorennorth

Youtube: youtube.com/lorennorth

Facebook: facebook.com/lorennorthmusic

SNAP: @lorennorth

You get the gist. XO

Photo by Mackenzie Lenora

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