[Premiere] Gigi Rowe Gives Us a Soundtrack for Dreaming of the Beach

Pop singer Gigi Rowe first hit us with her boppin’ single “Run The Night,” which if you haven’t seen the video for, you need to watch it like, right now. Besides being possibly one of the only girls who looks radical in a blue wig (again, see video), Gigi’s tunes are some of the most danceable fun-ass songs there’s been in a while… and truth be told, after the events of this week, we all deserve a long night of dancing and like, several cocktails.

Today, Gigi releases her new tune, “South Beach Stars,” and its pulsing synths, dreamy pop melody, driving beats and stellar production make it a certified bop. Even Gigi describes it as “a party in the skies,” and basically when you listen to it, you’ll be like, #same.

Gigi says the song is about a “self proclaimed King and Queen of their own world. Sipping on cocktails in the skies, or maybe just dreaming about it as they gallivant on the streets of South Beach — salty air and balmy breezes swirling, walking with a swagger all their own.”

Which sounds exactly like what we should be doing right about now… so go on and check out the tune, and imagine being called “Your Majesty” as your King brings you your fave frozen cocktail while laying on the beach.


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