[PREMIERE]: Emily Vaughn’s “Think Twice” Is About Leaving a Toxic Relationship

Sometimes you’ve got to remind yourself of your worth and walk away from a relationship that’s going bad.

And even if you’ve never been a specifically toxic relationship, you can definitely relate to feeling like a bad bitch after leaving the person who didn’t appreciate you.

Emily Vaughn’s latest track, “Think Twice,” is all about leaving a toxic person, whether it’s a friend or a partner.

“Think Twice stems from a manipulative relationship in which I finally stopped taking the blame for someone else’s mistakes,” says Emily. “In my experience, toxic people are the hardest ones to get away from, they’ll manipulate you into feeling guilt when, in reality, they are at fault. The underlying message is to recognize when you’ve had enough. More than anything, I want my listeners to feel empowered and liberated when they listen to it.”

Photos by Justin Gilbert

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