[Premiere] Dominique Reps the Ladies in “Live Looping” Video

You’ve probably seen Kanye do some “live looping” on the Grammys or other live performances. Like the S4 Deck that we’ve seen DJ’s use, lots of these electronic forms of making music are seemingly male dominated. Live Looping is the recording and playback of a piece of music in real-time — basically, you record your sounds live, which then you can play back on repeat, layering the sounds to build a song.

Alt-pop producer and musician Dominique has released a number of live looping cover videos on YouTube, making her mark on a male-dominated genre. Today, we premiere the first video of Dominique’s that’s been professionally filmed, mixed and mastered to show her sick skills as a female producer performing her version of Lesley Gore’s, “It’s My Party” (as performed by Melanie Martinez).

Dominique says, “I decided I wanted to give my own spin on [the] track and spent a few months planning and creating the production and live performance routine.” This rad video gives you a glimpse into what it takes to piece together the layers of the art of live looping, to which Dominique adds, “Making video looping covers is great because it allows me to give some visual insight into my production and creative process, and smaller details are more noticeable because everything’s added piece by piece.”

Perhaps this video will inspire some other ladies to learn live looping — Since Dominique says many fans ask for tips on her videos, to which she says, “I love feeling like some of my videos are inspiring others to take up producing their own routines, too.”

Check the video out below. Pretty sick.


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