[PREMIERE]: Bodine Is a Scheming Femme Fatale in ‘Money’

Bodine Koehler is a model and songwriter who’s just released her first music video — and thank God she has, because you’ll want to add her first single, “Money,” to your summer road trip playlist immediately.

“Money” will remind you of your favorite moody vintage hits, with a bit of Lana Del Rey thrown in. Watch the video below and read our interview with Bodine.

What does the song “Money” mean to you?

I wrote the song when I was about 20 years old. I remember moving to Miami trying to make new friends. When I started to meet girls in Miami it was just the funniest thing ever — they would care so much about the craziest things like what kind of handbag you’re wearing, what shoes, your outfit, where do you live? What car do you drive? Who is your boyfriend? Do you have a sugar daddy? The whole experience just got me inspired to write a song.

What’s your favorite lyric and why?

“Money can not buy your way to heaven.” I think there’s not much to explain…

We love the vintage vibe of the video. What’s your favorite old movie?

“Breakfast at Tiffany’s” is just my absolute fav! Just how the simple story, scenes, and styling are — everything is so great.

People love to call pretty young girls gold diggers. What’s your opinion of that and how would you respond if someone said that to you?

Girls can be mean when they’re not in love, careless if they’re not looking for love. In other words, [the girls who get called gold diggers] are not terrorizing or killing ppl they jus want to live la vida. For me, I don’t care what they say; I found true love and there’s nothing more powerful or important than the love between me and my husband.

What was your favourite outfit in the video and why?

Definitely the opening scene where I’m wearing a vintage soft pink Versace dress.

Can you tell us your favorite moment of the video shoot?

When I’m calling my girlfriend over the phone telling her that I have it all, counting the money, having fun, laughing about the whole situation.

Who’s the other girl in the video who you call?

OMG thats Keykey, my partner in crime. We’ve been friends since we were 10 years old.

What’s the craziest thing you’ve done together?

One time me and Keykey had a double date. After dinner, we decided to walk through New York City. The guys that we were with were in the art business — super hippie, happy, hot types. They had a joint rolled up and offered us to take a hit. We said why not? Let’s smoke some weed! We were trying to be cool and suddenly we didn’t notice how high we were — we basically freaked out and without saying anything to our dates, Key and I decided to run like crazy women. We sprinted all the way through Spring Street, all the way down Soho, until we realized we just left the guys behind. For sure they must have thought we were complete nuts.

If you could pick any rich guy in history to screw over like in the video, who would it be and why?

Maybe Elvis Presley — except I don’t think I could do that to him!

What do you hope girls take away from this video?

It’s really a parody about money — play with fire but keep it real. At the end there’s nothing more powerful than love. The rest won’t matter a bit.

Video directors: Prince + Jacob
Stylist: Rose Garcia
Makeup: Stephanie Perez
Hair: Kirsten Bode
Director of photography: Elena de Santiago

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