[PREMIERE]: Bianca Monica Shows How Taking Time Off Can Make You Better

Any creative person knows that sometimes you hit a wall and just have to walk away.

This is also true when trying to draw on perfect cat eye liner, sometimes you have to just walk away from the mess you’ve made and return with a new perspective (or after watching a makeup tutorial…)

Singer and Songwriter Bianca Monica took some time off from her music in order to work on her craft, and get all the shitty songs out of her system. Now after a few years, and new inspiration, she’s back with a new sound and new direction with her single, “Phases.”

The tune has some super chill rock vibes that make you feel like you should be driving somewhere with the top down to get away from it all… a direction I think we can all agree on.

Check out the new tune, “Phases” here, and peep our Q&A with Bianca below!  



Full name, nickname(s), and favorite quote/or mantra?

Bianca Monica. My nickname is B. Favorite quotes of mine change all of the time. I pick up on quotes relevant to my life. Right now, my mantra is: to keep going and not give a f**k about what everyone else is doing.

You said you haven’t released music in a while – why haven’t you released anything until now?

I was really over my sound and felt like I needed time to craft it and write a bunch of shitty songs before I felt like I had something good enough to record. Of course, as an artist, I’m never really satisfied but I think that’s what keeps me going.

Who are some of your influences?

In the studio, War On Drugs and The National were the sounds I was going for but my influences are always changing. I feel like I finally found a happy medium of what kind of music I’d like to put out and what truly defines me as an artist based on that.

Tell us about your sound!

War On Drugs meets The National with a female vocalist.

If “Phases” were on a movie soundtrack, set to a specific scene maybe, what would it be and why?

Something having to do with Shia Labeouf in a love triangle.

What bands are you obsessed with right now?

Mitski, Waxahatchee, Banks, Father John Misty.

If you could play an acoustic show, what songs would you want to cover?

I hate covering songs! I have such anxiety picking out ones I like and being able to connect with them. However I did cover “Fade Into You” by Mazzy Star at my last show and I love that one.

Tell us some makeup secrets to get your look!

I love Glossier’s concealer and Boy Brow, Mac’s “Captive” lipstick, and Chanel’s “Graphite” eyeliner. I don’t really have any make-up secrets because I suck at it BUT I layer on Vitamin C serum and cream every morning and night and it’s made my skin feel and look amazing. Watch, I’m going to jinx myself and wake-up tomorrow with a blind pimple.

Tell us about your fashion vibe.

I went to see Titus Andronicus this past weekend and just wore some American Apparel black jeans, my roommates striped T-shirt, black boots and a bomber from Top Shop. I’m all about the comfort.

Do you have a celebrity crush?

I haven’t had a crush on a celebrity since middle school but I think Jeff Goldblum (then and now) is a pretty damn sexy man.

What do you hope to accomplish this year? Where do you think you’ll in a year?

Just to keep moving forward and keep putting music out into the world. I have a lot of mini goals set up for myself throughout the year and give myself deadlines which is really helpful. In a year I hope to be on a mini tour.

Most embarrassing thing that’s happened to you while on tour or while performing?

Oof, when I played a random open mic for fun, and the guy playing guitar put the capo on the wrong fret and I had to keep telling him it felt wrong but had no idea what was actually wrong and someone yelled to get off the stage, ha. We figured it out and I sang it anyway. You live and you learn.

When can we expect to hear a full album from you? What’s next for you?

I’m not thinking that far in advance right now. Taking it day by day. The next thing for me is to keep writing, release another song and to keep building from there.

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