PHLUR offers fragrances that are an upgrade from what you’ll get at the mall

I feel like most times, I have difficulties when it comes to finding the right fragrance for me. Also, more often than not, I am wanting more than just one fragrance in my repertoire. 

When PHLUR reached out to me about testing their product, I was intrigued. Not only do they have a pretty big selection of carefully curated scents (seven), they also sell “sample sets” – a set of sample-size fragrances for you to test out  on your own time. That way, you can figure out exactly which one you’re obsessed with. The sample sizes are also pretty large, at 2ML.

Not bad at all.

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Better yet, this means you don’t have to fight for parking at the mall to test out new scents.

As for the company, they are extremely aware of what it means to be a well-rounded and responsible brand. Their fragrances are all hypoallergenic, cruelty-free, vegan, sustainably sourced, and packaged with recycled materials.

They also don’t contain parabens, phthalates, BHT, phenoxyethanol, and polycyclic or alicyclic musks. These scents are good for you and for the environment.

Also, $5 from every full-size purchase benefits the ICUN – an offshoot of the UN that protects endangered species, both plants and animals. I mean, come on. As crazy as it is to say, not many brands out there are making an effort to make a positive impact.

PHLUR launched in 2015, but their success proves that they are doing something right. The products are created with premium ingredients, with specific experiences and inspirations in mind. The website includes extensive information about each scent they have created.

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Each scent’s page comes complete with a Spotify playlist and info on longevity, weight, volume, and photos. The brand wanted to give its’ customers an immersive and visual experience that differs from most fragrance shopping.

All you have to do is find the scent that interests you, and PHLUR sends two trial vials (each good for one week) to try out at home. You can do this on your time and in your own space – not bumping into 6 other women at the mall trying to get a whiff.

Also, PHLUR scents will evolve and become more complex the longer you wear them, so the at-home experience is essential to the process.

What’s awesome is that you can take all the time you want to decide on which scent you love, and you can put the cost of your trial vials ($18) toward the purchase of a full-size bottle. That way, it’s not only easy, but cost-effective.

A big plus?

If you have a second scent you love, but don’t want to wear, PHLUR also makes the most gorgeous candles. They last a surprisingly long time, and they are so sleek that they look like upscale home decor.

I personally fell in love with the scent, MOAB, but that is my personal preference on what worked with my body. It’s warm, sexy, and full bodied. I am honestly obsessed.

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The full bottles (50ML) are priced at $88, which is really in-expensive when you think about the tiny bottles of designer perfume you’ve been buying for years, all priced over $100. The full bottle promises 6-12 months of wear. This way, you could buy more than one if you’re so inclined.

Again, as I said and as we all know, finding a really amazing, sophisticated fragrance is difficult. PHLUR gives you the option of seven. They are sustainable, natural, and all really gorgeous. You won’t be disappointed if you check out PHLUR, and it literally never hurts to give something new a test run.

All photos courtesy of PHLUR

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