Badass microblading artist, Skully Smith, takes the mystery out of the blade

Lets be honest – obtaining perfect eyebrows has become an exhausting experience, one eyebrow brush stroke at a time. 

Anyone who hasn’t been blessed with perfectly sculpted and full eyebrows can resonate with the misfortunate of becoming besties with someone who looks like Anastasia from Beverly Hills.

Well, the beauty gurus heard our cries and delivered us the gift of microblading. The practice has recently been on everyone’s beauty bucket list, but most of us have no clue what the actual process consists of.

Is it a tattoo? Does it hurt? Do you still need to wear makeup? Does it hurt?!?

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I recently had the pleasure of having all of my microblading questions answered by the lovely artist, Skully Smith.

Skully Smith is a microblading artist at J. Serra Cosmetics, based in Orange County, California. Not only is she a badass, but she takes microblading to the next level – incorporating her vegan lifestyle and personality within her work.

Can you describe what microblading is?

Mircoblading is a form of semi-permanent tattooing for the eyebrows.  The microblade (a manual hand tool with a grouping of needles) is used to deposit pigment into the skin by making very fine, hair-like strokes. The end result is to mimic the look of natural brow hair.

Tell us a little bit about yourself and how you got started with microblading?

I’m originally from Florida, but currently live in Orange County, California, with my husband and our two cats. I’m a lover of animals, animal rights, veganism, hiking, nature, fashion, and music.

I first got my eyebrows done a few years ago. I was a victim of the 90s over-plucking trend, and I was amazed at how natural the results were compared to traditional brow tattoos. After I had quit my job, I took a course and was super eager to learn everything I could to develop my skills.

I observed the art of other microblading artists who I admired, who thankfully I was lucky enough to get to work with and learn from. I think it’s important to always strive to improve your craft.

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What would you tell someone who is considering microblading for the first time in terms of looking for an artist?

If you are looking for a microblading artist, you should start by looking through their portfolio of work and make sure that you love what you see! Look at lots of before and afters, and healed photos.

Do not shop around for whoever has the cheapest price. Microblading isn’t cheap, but it can be totally worth it!

Would you recommend microblading for everyone?

I think almost anyone can benefit from microblading. I’ve microbladed eyebrows that range from full and thick to brows that were almost nonexistent. It can be a great way to help balance out uneven hair density and asymmetrical brows.

Microblading can also be a great option for both men and women that suffer from hair loss. Microblading tends to heal best on dry skin, and can heal slightly more blurred looking on oily skin. There are a few contraindications that would make someone ineligible for microblading, so it’s always important to read through the risk factors before making an appointment.

What sets apart microblading from other forms of eyebrow enhancements?

Microblading is unique in the way that it mimics hair strokes to give a very natural effect when compared to traditional eyebrow tattoos that are used with a machine or even the “powder brow” look. Microblading is an art form and can vary in style from artist to artist.

Can you describe some misconceptions people have about microblading?

I think one of the main misconceptions is that you will never have to wear eyebrow makeup again. Healed microblading is very soft, and will give you the appearance of brow hairs even when you don’t have makeup on, but chances are you still might want to define them with makeup.

Microblading will make putting on your brows much easier and quicker (and waterproof). Another misconception is that it’s a one and done procedure. Microblading usually requires the initial session, plus a follow up 6-12 weeks later for a completed look. Because microblading is semi-permanent, you will need to maintain them with yearly touch ups after that.

Follow her work and J. Serra Cosmetics on Instagram!

Photos courtesy of Kiabad Meza

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