Urban Decay’s Naked Heat Palette is perfect for some fiery summer beats

If you’re looking for a makeup palette that will help you serve every major summer vibe, look no further than Urban Decay’s newest Naked Heat palette.

This palette has lots of variety, and it will work on all different skin tones – which, as you should know by now, isn’t as common as you’d think.

The Naked Heat palette already has 1k reviews and 160k loves on Sephora’s website (woah, ok), so it’s safe to say that the product is hastily working it’s way on becomming a cult fave.

The palette was perfectly curated for the summer time, and will have your eyes looking fierce, even in the heat.

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This palette has more red/rose undertones than brown, hence it’s “heat” theme. The full-size palette is ($54) and includes the shades: Ounce (ivory shimmer), Chaser (light nude matte), Sauced (soft, terra-cotta matte), Low Blow (brown matte), Lumbre (copper shimmer with gold pearl shift), He Devil (burnt red matte), Dirty Talk (metallic, burnt red), Scorched (deep red, metallic with gold micro-shimmer), Cayenne (deep, terra-cotta matte), En Fuego (burgundy matte), Ashes (deep, reddish-brown matte), Ember (deep, metallic copper-burgundy).

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The petite palette ($29), features 6 completely different shades than the full-size version, but it still packs the heat. The shades include: Inhale (cream demi-matte), Vibrate (soft nude matte), Hot Spell (terra-cotta matte), Wild Thing (scorched-orange matte), Heist (rich, cayenne matte) and Strike (rich, reddish-brown matte). It also includes a double-sided brush and full-sized mirror.

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