8 perfect examples of highlighter hair done right

With regards to colored hair, it seems as though somehow, somewhere along the way, we’ve missed moderate.

But, we’re not complaining. Dying one’s hair no longer means going from auburn-copper-rose gold brown to auburn-copper-rose gold brown with highlights. No, gone are the days of apologetic dye jobs.

Instead, we’re opting for, well, the opposite. Think fluorescent greens, blues, pinks and reds.

Kylie debuted her hot pink highlighter hair at this year’s Coachella, but there’s a lot more where that came from, see exhibits A, B, C et al.:

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1. Mountain Dew who?

Yall really went ham on this pic! What more do u wna see from me creative wise

A post shared by Yella Boo (@itsyellabambi) on

This was so good. Instagrammer Yella Boo debuted this insanely green hair in the one and only way one should when debuting this hair color: alongside an equally green-if-not-greener soft drink. Very nicely done. Side note, curly hair looks so bomb dyed.

2. “Only highlight the important stuff.”

Acid rain

A post shared by ⚡Simi & Haze⚡ (@simihaze) on

Simi (or Haze, not entirely sure of which half of the duo this is) rocked a subtler variation of the very same color: this is a great way to try out the look sans the burden of full commitment.

3. Okay, now do the same but in red.

No cannes do

A post shared by ⚡Simi & Haze⚡ (@simihaze) on

About a month later, she rocked the red counterpart of the very same style. Again, a cool life hack for if you want to keep dying and switching your hair up without bleaching and killing all of it.

Plus, it looks super cool and is convenient for when you want to switch from unintiontionally-omg-did-I-accidentally-wear-green-today outfits to holy-shit-I-hadn’t-even-realized-I’d-worn-red-today outfits.

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4. Pull up with a lemon

not your average girl

A post shared by renaissance woman (@andreavalle) on

Lime green seems to be the choice color among our jury: I mean if you’re going full highlighter, you may as well go big or go home. The resulting juxtaposition of this contemporary color with this mod hair style is extremely satisfying and dope, to say the least.

5. Introducing: the minty blue highlighter you never knew you needed

This may not be a traditional highlighter colorbut who do I need to get in contact with to change that? Sign my petition. I mean, somewhere along the line I’m sure they came out with a limited edition variety pack or something.

Either way, this is one of the prettiest colors ever, and I’d be very excited to wear it on my head. Who wouldn’t? No one rocks it quite like Rin of @Gothfruits though.

6. Keep it classic

Ah yes, nothing like the real thing baby. The original highlighter yellow, showcased effortlessly above by Cat of @scaredy.cat on Instagram. The incredibly coordinated makeup job isn’t lost on us either, believe me.

Also, as far as highlighter hair goes, I’d argue that the bright yellow is the most versatile of the colors, and that surprisingly, it actually goes with pretty much everything.


Move over Coachella Kylie! This is the perfect pink highlighter hair shade and I don’t say that lightly. Minahil of @bae.doe has truly just now confirmed pink as the new blonde. I’ll alert the presses.


Didn’t I give you all that I’ve got to

A post shared by chinqpink (@chinqpink) on

Chinq Pink has built her entire look around her hair— and who could blame her, it’s perfect. Her fiery pink locks have become a part of her signature (and, at least colloquially speaking, her name) and she’s perfected the art of pink hair like no other.

9. And more pink, ideally.


A post shared by @ cozykillz on

Damn. Remind me to throw away all of my highlighters except for the pink one, because I think this variation has to be my favorite. It’s such a universally flattering color, surprising as it may be.

I also feel like at some point within the past year we’ve all come to the unspoken realization that pink is now basically a neutral hair color, and that ginger hair is being discontinued (kidding about that last part, I’ll bet at least three people believed me though).

To any and everyone inveigled to take on this trend: you have my full blessing.

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