Unleash your inner goth with this witchy rebel perfume

Scotland-based beauty company REEK is killing the perfume game one unedited campaign photo at a time.

Mother-daughter duo Molly and Sara are mixing shit up (fragrances and standards) in the beauty industry to pay homage to all of the women who paved the way for us but never made it into the textbooks. They want REEK to be a daily reminder of the achievements and power of women who go against the grain to all those who sport the scent.

In line with memorializing women whose stories have been muted, REEK has named its two scents Damn Rebel Bitch and Damn Rebel Witch — an allusion to two labels unapologetic women have been unreasonably given throughout history. The company makes it a point to use models representing a variety of body types, ages, races, and gender identities. That being said, they refuse to retouch any of their campaign photos, stating that their models don’t need any editing.

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All of their products are hand-mixed, hand-poured, and cruelty free. With notes of blood orange, hazelnut, pink peppercorn, clary sage, malt and an amber accord, Damn Rebel Bitch is a light, slinky fragrance — an easy, everyday scent for anyone looking to switch things up. Damn Rebel Witch is more bold, moody, and earthy, with hints of blood orange, hazelnut, malt, orange pips, twigs, leaves, leather, tobacco, musk and moorlands.

Both fragrances can be worn alone or together, because freedom to express yourself is company culture at REEK. Check out their smells and other products on their website and find out if you’re a witch or a bitch (or both)!

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Photos courtesy of REEK Perfume


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